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Hard Caning Mistress in London

How hard would you like to be caned? I am Mistress K Stinger a hard caning mistress in London. I am used to dealing with experienced subs. I promise to take you further and further up the ladder of pain. You deserve it, don’t you? We’ll take our time. Sets of six or twelve is the usual manner. You won’t be forced to go further than you want. You will just accept.

Hard Caning Mistress in London
A Delicious Pattern of Cane Weals

500 Strokes of a Dragon Cane

One of my clients recently asked for 500 cane strokes. I was happy to oblige. He had to be securely strapped to my custom-built punishment bench. His wrists were cuffed. Three more straps across his back followed by straps around the upper thighs, below the knee joints and finally around the calves. There was no escape from the swish of my canes.

500 Cane Strokes - Miss K Stinger
On His Way to 500 Cane Strokes

Love the Cane

It would appear you are looking to challenge yourself. Am I correct? I don’t expect you to take 500 strokes in one sitting (no excuse for a pun is there). What I do expect is to condition you to accept, love and desire more of my canes. You will love it, with or without a warm-up. A cold caning to start? Perhaps you would value a warm-up hand spanking across my womanly lap? Your wishes will be considered and will be carried out if I find them acceptable.

Hard Caning Mistress Chambers
Some of My Canes

Overview of Cane Types

In the main there are four types of cane and the descriptions can become muddled. School canes are usually crook-handled (and not easy to use accurately) and made of rattan. You’ll also come across Kooboo (a lighter golden yellow rattan) and Malacca (again from the Asian Rattan palm).

  • Kooboo Cane

  • Dragon Cane

  • Singapore Prison Cane

  • Synthetic Cane

Cane Thicknesses

Every cane has its own quality, thickness, length and flexibility that can combine to be the perfect combination. My preferences are many, as each cane inflects a subtly different pain. I prefer straight-handled canes as the grip is easier. Many of my canes have a suede or leather grip.

In the old days of school punishment, the choice was simpler, the junior school cane and the senior school cane. A boy would usually progress to the senior cane when attending senior school at around the age of eleven.

Dragon canes are my preference. From a quality supplier they are usually straight and any knots in the wood have been sanded down. The four main cane thicknesses are:

  • Junior Dragon Cane

  • Senior Dragon Cane

  • Reformatory Dragon Cane

  • Prison Dragon Cane

Dragon canes range from around 60cm to 100cm and are perfectly straight and easy to control. The differences in pain will be felt by the corporal punishment connoisseur. The balance between sting and thud will make a difference to your ‘pleasure’. Don’t worry. I will find the perfect cane for your buttocks.

Punishment Bench for Caning
You Will be 'Comfortable' for your Hard Caning

Caning Patterns

In the old days of school punishments, six of the best would be applied in perfectly straight tramlines. Even twelve or eighteen strokes can be applied in parallel. An experienced Mistress (that’s me), will swap sides to make sure the application is even. Caning low over the top of thighs is usually avoided as the pain becomes actuate. So, the straight pattern is the norm. If you desire (and you request) we can look to cane diagonally crossing over the straight weals.

Rest assured you will leave my chambers with some rigid cane weals.

Hard Caning Mistress in London | A Caning to Remember

I am a fan of all manner of implements. It doesn’t have to be just a caning you endure. A look around my chambers reveals a mighty collection of implements, straps, floggers, paddles, tawses, slippers, plimsols, wooden spoons and more. Don’t be shy. Ask for a variety and if I agree I will treat you to the unique pain of each. I am after all a professional London Mistress.

Your pain is my excitement

Miss K Stinger

Hard Caning Mistress, Barnet London

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