Do you believe that life is about give and take?

Me too! The give-and-take I have in mind is a switch play session at my residence. I really enjoy playing on a give-and-take basis with cultured, flexible gentlemen.

Do you like to try new things? You could not come to a better place.

I love to experiment and to push boundaries – never more so than when I’m in the company of an intelligent, courteous and generous gentleman.

I have a voluptuous and shapely derriere, perfectly capable of receiving a spanking, paddling or caning; and I like the man with whom I am playing to have something similar. Be in no doubt that I shall examine your bottom thoroughly to ascertain its suitability and responsiveness.

Expect a few pinches and smacks as I inspect its texture and resilience.

As well as the standard accouterments of a normal session - paddles, plimsolls, tawses, riding crops, and, of course, the cane - I also have the palm of my hand.

I am an expert at hand spanking and have been told that my hand causes more discomfort than the slipper. Is your hand similarly effective? You will certainly get the chance to demonstrate – not just with your hand but with the other implements also! I am a robust lady and can take it as well as dish it out.

What I love to do is to play in an open, friendly atmosphere where, for example, we might exchange ideas as the session proceeds and as they occur to one or both of us. How about a fun quiz in which we ask each other questions, each hoping to gain an advantage in terms of the balance of power, but with a chance element (the shake of dice, say, or the turn of a card) which could reverse that power balance? 

Bring your own ideas/fantasies and let’s see how we can work them into truly enjoyable session. It is joyous and liberating to arrive at a spontaneous agreement as to what might turn us both on. This is give-and-take as it was meant to be.

My sessions are unhurried and leisurely. We can have a cup of tea/coffee before and after the session, the former to discuss your desires, the latter to debrief (provided we can both sit down!). The main purpose is always to have fun together in an atmosphere that is vibrant and good-humoured.

You will find me personable, friendly and accommodating (though it should be understood that I do NOT offer sexual services). I want us to enjoy ourselves, and I want you to leave at the end of an unhurried session feeling fulfilled and that you have discovered new pathways and potentialities within yourself.

For more details and tribute, email Katharina at kk151009@yahoo.co.uk , tweet MsKStinger or ring 07923 246816



I love to entertain dignified, masculine, professional gentlemen in the privacy of my luxury North London home.

It is delightful to be able to look up to a dominant male who is also a gentleman.

My essential disposition is to be playful and coquettish; I want to flirt and flounce, to challenge masculine authority, to push the boundaries, seeing how far I can stretch Sir’s patience before he decides to curb my excesses with a dose of old-fashioned paternal discipline!

The dial to my girlish sauciness can be turned in either direction – either towards the shy and demure, or alternatively towards the brazenly tarty and authoritarian.

Between these extremes will be found the perfect complement to your personal style of dominance, and will provide the key to how you choose to deal with me. Whatever the precise variant of my general disposition we agree upon, it can be enacted “naturally”, or perhaps dressed in one of the many role-play models we all know: naughty schoolgirl, tarty nurse, error-prone typist etc. You may have ideas of your own.

My ability to receive corporal punishment is substantial. When you decide to discipline me, you will find an extensive array of instruments at your disposal – paddle, tawse, riding crop and slipper/plimsoll. Or perhaps your firm, manly hand may be itching to make contact with my bare bottom?

But what really turns me on is the cane. I have a shapely, voluptuous derriere and can take a substantial application of the cane, never more so than when it is administered with strict, but kind-hearted, paternal firmness and authority.

Overall, you will find me personable, friendly and accommodating (though it should be understood that I do NOT offer sexual services). I want us to have fun together, and I want you to leave my premises at the end of an unhurried session feeling fulfilled and that you have genuinely enjoyed yourself.



Submissive males sought for strict obedience training.

Prepare to be melted and reformed in the white heat of my implacable power and control.

With my long dark hair and voluptuous curves I am a model of dominant womanly power – strict, dignified and icily authoritative.

I am adept at all forms of role-play: schoolma’am, manageress, magistrate, policewoman, nursing sister/matron, reformatory governess, or simply a very strict mummy or maiden aunt. None of the foregoing is necessary, of course.

You may simply wish to quiver under the cool, implacable authority and penetrating gaze of a powerful woman.

Whatever your personal tastes, the moment you enter my domain you will be overwhelmed by a sense of female power, the power of an ancient matriarchy now in the process of resurrection across the world. It is a power that will be practically applied – in no uncertain terms – to you!

I have an impressive array of paddles, tawses, hairbrushes, riding-crops and plimsolls. I am an expert at using them all – in particular my spankings by hand can be eye-watering, and several of my devotees have said they are the hardest they have ever received.

But what defines me – and turns me on more than anything else – is the cane. I enjoy punishing naughty boys who do not obey and have to be taught a harsh lesson.

My North London home is within easy access to the nearest overground station. My doors are open now and my premises are kept scrupulously disinfected and hygenic. I want us to have fun together, and I want you to leave my house at the end of an unhurried session feeling fulfilled and that you have genuinely enjoyed yourself.                                   

For more details and tribute, email link below, tweet or call me on 07923 246816