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Video Tasters

Some videos to give you an idea of what to expect when you enter my domain. 

From spanking over the knee to strapped down on a punishment bench for severe punishment. I offer a variety of BDSM activities. 

You may purchase clips on LOYALFANS & CLIPS4SALE.

He Doesn't Listen

A very naughty boy finds out what happens when you don't do as you are told. A variety of hairbrushes come into play on his naked bottom. 

Rapid Caning

A caning to remember. A sorry miscreant takes a very light cane. Can you count how many strokes he receives in this short clip? If you would like to experience such punishment, then message Miss K Stinger.

Fluffy Johnny is a Cry Baby

Fluffy Johnny is being trained into total submission. In this extract, you will note he has been put into girl's panties and has to be strapped on. He did well but there is a long way to go. O' and he received a deeply penetrating pegging between caning sessions.

Leather Paddle

What can be better than a sub across my custom punishment bench? This one takes a few swats of one of my larger leather paddles.

Carpet Beater

An unusual implement for punishment but I do have a love of using domestic tools to inflict pain on my deserving subs. 

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