Client Testimonials

My happy clients describe why they attend my chambers for the most exhilarating corporal punishment sessions in London. 


From OTK to the birch, from the Canadian prison strap to the Dragon cane. Plus other BDSM services. 

'Expertly delivered hand spanking'

I recently had my first session with Miss Stinger.

I could say that the best thing was how intuitive she is, how well she read my mind and faultlessly delivered what I was looking for, or I could say how her expertly delivered hand spanking actually felt like the genuine punishment I have been seeking for so long.


I could suggest the best thing was her stunning looks and beautiful smile (I am a dentist after all, so know one when I see one). Maybe the well kept premises that were ideal, together with the vast array of implements available ,which she has clearly mastered. Or maybe the sheer perfection of the her interpretation of the role play I requested.

However, for me, the best bit was meeting say a warm, open and genuine person. What an absolute treat.


Thank you so much Miss K!

 - Josh

Hard Hand Spanking

I have visited Miss K Stinger on quite a few occasions. I have never ever experienced such a hard hand spanking from anyone. 

She is very pleasant until the session starts, and then she is straight into character. Either a wicked step mother or a teacher or whatever role play I want, she knows exactly how to do it. 

From the moment she puts me across her knee until the minute the session ends (She never watches the clock), she plays her character superbly. 

I have never liked being caned, but she has eased me through sessions with the cane because she genuinely wants you to explore your submissive side and will make sure that limits are never exceeded. From the nervous novice up to the veteran player, I cannot recommend Miss Stinger highly enough. 

I can't wait to return.

- P.

Mistress Devotion

She will…take you further…you will … accomplish what she asks to show the devotion she will doubtless inspire in you.

- Eager Apprentice

Caning Session Passion

Miss K Stinger is a woman with a passion for her work. The beneficiaries of her artistry will attest to that.

- Chris

Hardest Spanking Mistress in London

Katharina is one of the hardest "hand spankers" in London. If you don't believe me try for yourself.

Strict Dominant Mistress
I so loved meeting you earlier and thank you for giving me the spanking I needed. You are the ideal strict dominant lady to fulfil my fantasies (and very sexy too!)

- K.

Pegged Again

A larger dildo was used this time and Miss K went deeper and went on for longer. Miss K was so fierce with the pegging the bench slide across the wooden floor and into the wall!


Miss K moved her hips and finding different angles. She also circled the dildo in my anus. I was left spent, used and totally dominated by this supreme Mistress. I am now willing the matriarchy to become real.

- JK

Spanked and Smiling

Miss K started me off with a hand spanking over her lap and over my pants. The spanks grew stronger and were interspersed with stroking. The power shocked me and I was panting and squirming.


Miss K told me she wasn’t even at full-throttle, that she wanted our friendship to grow. She bend down and looked into my face to see if I was smiling? I was. The joy and the pain were acute.

- Fluffy Johnny

Strapped to the Bench

Miss K showed me her new implements, five of them Including a thin but thick strap. She bade me smell the leather. The aroma was divine. She explained this was the most painful but she was going to be gentle. 

Calves strapped down. My back also strapped with three bands of leather holding me down and my hands in cuffs. The punishment started. The leather straps were very painful. Then 6 (and I had to count) from the Canadian Prison Strap, very painful. I was also spanked in between.


Then it was her new silver handed canes. Both of them Dragons. Both painful. The one with the silver handle being the most painful.

- JK

'Nobody even close to Miss Stinger'

Where to start? This thing I’ve been indulging in for 30 years means I’ve seen a similar number of disciplinarians -- many of them good but nobody even close to Miss Stinger.


If you can take it, you will certainly get it. And if you can’t take it, she will look after and respect you. If you think a hand-spanking is a walk in the park, you don’t know Miss Stinger. Her caning is sublime. Her presence is intoxicating: intelligent, intuitive, refined, educated, classy, open, empathetic.


If you’re experienced, you will appreciate all she offers; if you’re a nervous newbie, you simply could not choose better. And when she smiles, it melts you. The warmth in your bottom is only exceeded by the warmth of her personality. Top tip: if you’re intimidated by beauty or fall in love easily, stay home….

- John



North London,  New Barnet, EN4