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A London Mistress of Discernment

I am proud to say that I am one of Mistress K Stinger’s subs. I’ve been attending BDSM sessions, with an emphasis on corporal punishment for over a year. I can testify that this Domantrix is a mistress of discernment. She will judge you, your needs and your fantasies and take you to a place of ecstasy and deep feelings of fulfilment.

The Miss K Stinger Introduction

Mistress Stinger is a strikingly beautiful woman of intelligence and culture. When you first meet the conversation will be friendly and warm. You can discuss any of your kinks and limits. These will be taken into account during your BDSM session.

A Warm Up Spanking

Being across Miss K’s Stinger’s lap is an experience. She loves spanking and as her testimonials avow, she is the hardest of hand spankers you could possibly meet. When she pulls down your pants, you know there is no escape.

Spankings should never be ‘one note’, what she makes special is the different intensities and rhythms used. Aimed accurately and with power at the centre of your bottom cheeks, the heat and sting build and build. But, as she says herself, she’s not always cruel, she can be kind.

Intense Sting

Sometimes the hand spanking leads to implements with a more intense sting. The plimsol, the wooden paddle and leather strap can come into play depending on what you want and what Miss K thinks you should have. I can attest to the glorious pain from submitting to the power and pleasure. I thrill at giving her my pain for her excitement.

The sting can get even more intense if she works on your upper thigh. Now, this is something that takes real care and professional knowledge as it can lead to more intense pain than you may be able to deal with.

A Mistress and Her Chambers

The space is more of a domestic setup and not the dungeon type of space that most mistresses have. Personally, I enjoy this set up. Hanging on the walls are many different implements, from tawses of varying thicknesses, crops, floggers and paddles. On one table you’ll see the dreaded hair brushes and thick wooden paddles, plus a thin leather strap, one of the most painful straps you can imagine. For the purist there is a personalised Canadian Prison Strap.

The BDSM Table

Neatly laid out are a selection of dildos that Mistress Stinger can use to penetrate you, ride you and torment and dominate your whole body. She may even ask you which size you would like? You’ll be over the bench, your bottom hot and then you’ll get to feel the full power of her love of the matriarchy. Where we, the subs of the world, know we belong. We crave that dominance, to be used, to offer our body and pain.

Benched and Restrained

If you are looking for a London Mistress who knows how to restrain you so you are helpless at her mercy then Miss K Stinger is for you and your kinky needs. I love being over the bench, especially when the straps are pulled tight over my calves, my upper thighs and back.

Imagine that? Getting what you wanted. Unable to move. Waiting as Miss K Stinger walks over the wooden floor, her high heels tapping, as she selects what she will use on you next.

Surprise BDSM

I remember one session where Miss K selected a small tin. I was admiring her legs at the time and hardly noticed. In the tin were a selection of small pegs. These tiny pegs were applied to my cock and balls. While still in place, this BDSM Mistress took her time over a caning. My buttocks were stripped again and again. The pain was high and took me to the limits of endurance. What I wasn’t expecting was the more intense pain when each peg was removed. I would call those small moments, bliss.

Regular Submission is Best

The occasional BDSM / corporal punishment session is a joy but to visit on a regular basis to a Mistress of Discernment is the ultimate pleasure. Play becomes even more intense, the pleasure greater and the bond between sub and dom is forged unforgettably.

So, do you want to experience such ecstasy? You know what to do…

Fluffy Johnny

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