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Caning Governess London

I am Miss K Stinger, a caning Mistress offering traditional spanking Mistress sessions in my discrete and private chambers in Barnet North London. There is something so right about the old days. The old days when poor behaviour resulted in short, sharp consequences, over the knee, bent over a chair. We knew where we were, what was what and who was in control.


Caning Governess London | Miss K Stinger
The Governess with one of her favourite canes

Caning Governess London Details

What is the picture in your mind for this phrase? I imagine it is similar to my demeanour. A lady in control who will pull your pants down for a spanking immediately if it is needed. A governess holding a traditional school cane, bending it to show the sharp spring of rattan. You will find a half smile on my face as I admonish you first, instruct you second and third beat you.


You know why you are to be punished. You crave discipline and that is what I will deliver. Naughty boys (and girls) that report to me will leave my presence much disciplined, contrite (until the next time) and with a hot, well-stripped bottom.


Traditional Spanking Governess
The likely view as you place yourself over my knees

Traditional Spanking Should Hurt

A traditional spanking is administered over my knee. You may catch a glimpse of my stocking tops and suspenders as my skirt rides up but that will soon be forgotten as your punishment starts.


Over my knee and at my mercy. My half smile will develop into a broad grin. Why? Because I love what I do. I love to spank bottoms and I especially like a ‘boy’ who understands this is for his own good.


Prison Strap Discipline by Miss K Stinger
Now I call you back from corner time

Traditional Implements for a Proper Spanking

It is unlikely you will escape with just a spanking when you attend your lesson with me. The cane beckons, more of that shortly.


The hand is the most traditional approach to a soundly spanked bottom. Doesn’t sound severe, does it? Well, in my hands lies severe discipline. You will see this testified to on my testimonials page.


The slipper is another traditional implement. A soft slipper can inflict quite deep pain, especially when I build up the power and speed. Your naked bottom over my knees, trembling, growing redder and the pain flowing through your body so much you find it hard to catch your breath.


Here you are boy, over the knee of a strict and dominant governess. Pants around your ankles and wondering what this dominant lady will do next? Will she reward you with some soft stroking? Will she decide to push your discipline further and start smacking the backs of your legs or will she bring other implements into play?


Perhaps some corner time for a short recovery and you can dwell on what comes next and how your governess is enjoying your pain.

The paddle, wood or leather, the ruler or perhaps the wooden spoon will come into play. Each makes a different sound and leaves a different mark.


A traditional spanking can take many forms. What do you see and hear in your fantasy? With work and attention, we will bring that fantasy to life…


Tell me the fantasy or tell me real reasons for your punishment. You know you deserve it.


Corner Time for Naughty Schoolboy
Corner time is over Timothy, come here...

The Governess and the Cane

It is usual to warm up the boy with a spanking. Then the proper punishment can begin.


Of course, there is always a ‘cold caning’. This is reserved for the naughtiest of boys. A painful experience that you will not forget.


I have a fully-fashioned punishment bench. You will find it comfortable. It also allows me to strap you down if you squirm too much. I can also make you bite on a bar of soap if you are too noisy.


You can be naked or half-dressed but a caning should always be applied to the naked buttocks.


You will know the expression ‘six of the best’. That is never enough. I may apply the cane strokes in sets of six or even twelve. Eighteen? Not quite enough. I will listen and judge how much you think you can take and how much I know you can take.


Canes come in many forms. The crook handled junior school cane, nice and whippy up to the judicial Dragon cane. I have my favourites and I will use a selection. I will add stripe after stripe and, as always, delight in the patterns these strokes can make. I may offer a stroking hand on occasion, just to soften your punishment. I am not always cruel!


Severe Caning of a Naughty Boy
This boy required the severest of canings. Delightful stripes, eh?

Punishment Variations

You’ll see I have many implements including tawses, dragon whips, Canadian Prison Straps and much, much more. A tawse applied to your palms perhaps?


BDSM play can also be brought into the mix and I can play any role, you can be a sissy boy in lingerie, or schoolgirl attire and I can be more than a governess, a Mummy, auntie, older sister, or headmistress. I will dress at your request. For a governess, I usually wear a short skirt and blouse with seamed stockings and a suspender belt. If I have the attire from your fantasy I will oblige.


I admonish experienced sub/boys and gently introduce newbies to my artful discipline.


Contact me today and bring your desires into the real world.


Miss K Stinger

Caning Governess London

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