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Domestic Discipline Domme in London

You are in need of discipline. A disciplined man knows his place and responds to corporal punishment. He (or she) can expect the harshest of punishment at my establishment. I am Miss K Stinger, a domestic discipline domme in London. My methods will leave you breathless if you choose. My years of experience and my satisfied clients tell a story. The story of a Mistress who revels in punishing the bad, the naughty and the incorrigible in a domestic setting.

Professional Domestic Discipline Domme in London
You get to choose which plimsol is used first

The World of Domestic Discipline

There is something ‘cosy’ about the phrase ‘domestic discipline’. The words conjure a world before the Internet, of coal fires and quilts. That’s the image many will have. The imagery that comes to me includes naughty boys with red bottoms over Auntie’s knee. Then some corner time, hands on head and bottom on display, rosy red. That could be you. Standing in the corner of my chambers preparing yourself for the next punishment. You are ordered to kneel on a chair, bend over, grasp another chair (I so enjoy the Winchester position) and ready yourself for the application of a thin, swishy school cane.


The stripes appear one after the other and you cry out. We can’t have that. I fetch the bar of soap and insert it in your mouth. The caning continues until you have learned your lesson.


Miss K Stinger Professional Disciplinarian
I love to spank naughty boys

A Slippering and a Hand Spanking

The slipper seems quite soft does it not? But when used by a strict Auntie, one with a strong arm it becomes a weapon of discipline. I have many to call on including my favourite old ballet slipper… it stings. Here you are, over my knee again. Your pants are pulled down and your excitement (along with the pain) builds and you squirm. You’re rubbing your nether regions over my stocking-clad thighs. I may alternate the slipper with my hand. A hand spanking is more intense when the spanks land on the back of your legs, that’s sore, isn’t it? Even more intensity can be built by spanks to your flanks.


You’ll leave my lap disciplined, and sore and have such heat in your buttocks. Then you will show respect by thanking me.

Domestic pro Domme
Mummy getting ready for your punishment

Mummy is Disappointed

Will I be your Aunt or would you like your Mummy to take care of you? Inflicting loving discipline, because she knows what you need. Corporal Punishment is for your own good. What does Mummy wear? A summer dress with stockings? A two-piece suit as she has just returned from her important work… as a teacher. Is Mummy giving you a spontaneous punishment? Mummy was getting dressed when she remembered your latest misdemeanour and she appeared in your bedroom just in her underwear, bra, panties, stockings and suspender belt. She holds the slipper.

Pro Domestic Caning
You took your caning well

A Serious Offence Faces Serious Consequences

A more formal scene may be in your mind. You’ve been called to account and face a longer more involving punishment at home. The ritual punishment is the most exciting. You have to report to Mummy’s bedroom after eating and digesting. You knock on the door of her bedroom. As this is a formal punishment you wear only your pants and vest.


You’re getting older so Mummy has dispensed with the junior school cane. This is your first time facing a senior Dragon cane.


You listen to the admonishment. Mummy has decided that only 18 strokes with the senior cane will do, you have to learn.


As ordered you prepare the bed by putting the cushion from the armchair on the bed. You remove your pants and place yourself so your loins are on the firm cushion, your hands are by your side and your legs are spread.


Mummy delivers the first 6 strokes. Painful. She takes a moment to inspect the stripes. Here soft fingers trace a tramline or two. Mummy is accurate and she takes her time for you to settle and relax your buttocks between strokes.


The final two strokes are applied to the back of your thighs so you will remember for a long time your offence and the consequences.


The ritual ends with Mummy giving you a long hug.


Professional Domestic Discipline

I offer a whole range of domestic discipline role play. If you wish to be a ‘girl’ that would also be fabulous. What would you like to relive or what does your fantasy dictate? A punishment session like this relies on total respect and good humour. Tell me what will bring your fantasy to life and we will make it happen.


Contact me today,


Miss K Stinger

Domestic Discipline Domme in London

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