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Double Domme Session

I thought I would share my client’s lovely description and appreciation of a Double Domme session we recently had at my discrete chambers in Barnet London. I, along with my delightful Mistress colleague, Leia-Ann Woods (@LeiaAnnWoods on X, formally Twitter) indulged in a switch session. Naughty secretaries, you see, do you share that fantasy? Dealing with a couple of delicious bottoms clad in thin panties and wearing stockings and suspenders?

Double Domme Session London with Miss K Stinger
"Looks like we're in trouble."

Double Domme Session

I require notice to arrange a Double Domme Session. Which can be two Dommes for you, the one submissive or we can indulge in a switch session with two experienced BDSM practitioners. Fees, will, of course, be higher and you will find out when you agree to book.

What a Double Domme/Switch Session is Like

My client writes…

Had a great 2-2-1 with Leia Ann Woods and Miss Katharina Stinger this week.

A 2-2-1 has long been on my bucket list and it was a great experience, 3 spankos together having fun. Both of these ladies are long-experienced and accomplished switches with bags of enthusiasm and great senses of humour.

Highly Attractive Bottoms

We played two scenarios. In the first, the ladies played thoroughly badly behaved personal assistants who begged for an alternative to dismissal.

And that is what they got. From a top's perspective, what can be better than two highly attractive bottoms together? A full range of implements and positions were employed to ensure future good behaviour - possibly.

Disciplinarians Relishing the Task

In the second scenario, the tables were turned and the ladies played disciplinarians charged with dealing with an incorrigible misogynist. And how they relished this task and, not surprisingly, proved very effective with the extensive range of implements of correction on display!

For the unfortunate victim, it was double everything - with the added attraction that this is a right-handed, left-handed combination [of Dommes].

Sitting Carefully

Suffice it to say that the misogynist - if not exactly cured - is treading (and sitting) very carefully at the moment. All limits were discussed and of course, observed.

Miss K Stinger and Leia-Ann Woods

I would recommend to anyone attracted to a 2-2-1 to get together with Leia and Katharina. It will be truly memorable.

By ‘B.’

Thank You B

We enjoyed our Double Domme Session with ‘B’ very much. It makes for an intense spanking scene when you switch.

If you would like to enjoy such an intense BDSM experience, you know what to do.

Miss K Stinger

BDSM Single and Double Domme Sessions

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