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Elite Mistress in London

As a Mistress and dominatrix, I am already part of an elite, one of those who dominate, punish and tease men. I live that life providing professional BDSM services for my pleasure. When you search for an elite Mistress in London you will find me. I’ve earned my reputation by bringing many varied fantasies to life. Contact me with your ideas for our play session. I am sure we can make our play an emotional journey, one that will live with you always.

Elite Mistess in London | Miss K Stinger of Barnet North London
I am Miss K Stinger, your elite Mistress in London

Corporal Punishment Mistress

At the heart of my services is corporal punishment. I’m not sure which I prefer, spanking or caning. It varies on my mood. Freud noted that S&M play is skin stimulation, all be it ‘intense skin stimulation’. Is that what you require? A well-beaten bottom is such a joy. The redness of two spanked bottom cheeks, the parallel cane stripes and also the sound as I continue the beating. Seeing you squirm, hearing you short of breath as you cope with the intensity of flogging.

Are you ready? From a hand-spanking over my knee, perhaps the use of a slipper or plimsol, I may even reach for a paddle, showing you who is in charge. To a more formal caning session over my custom-made bench. A variety of canes are brought into use. I shall swap sides to make sure the weals developing on your bottom are symmetrical.

Role Play Mistress

The choice is yours. The fantasy is yours is it not? Therefore a session under my tutelage may be straightforward, just a variety of pain or we can play. Which role would you like me to play? An Elite Mistress can switch between roles or even dictate who will command your session. I have an extensive wardrobe. What’s it to be? The magnificent Mistress dressed in black lingerie and wearing high-heeled boots. Traditional and so exciting for my subs. You see I am very curvy with long black hair and a winning German accent. “You know you deserve it.”

A domestic scene, over Mummy or Auntie’s knee for a spanking before bed? Perhaps I’ve found you wearing my panties.

The schoolroom, I have a traditional school desk for you to bend over. Trousers and pants round your ankles as I take you through your poor attempt at your homework.

An office, dressed in a conventual blouse and skirt (with stockings and suspenders), perhaps wearing glasses I admonish you for lax work and looking down my blouse. Over my knee to start and warm you up for a caning you will never forget.

Medical need, shown in to see the strict nurse you find, as in a dream, across my bench for a flogging, spanking and caning. For some reason, only known to the nurse, needles are inserted into your ball sack and clamps are applied to your manhood.

Military approach, wearing a neat uniform you report to me as the officer in charge. You know that the officer is a sadist and will have you strip. Not liking your erection, she canes your cock and that is just the start of a prolonged session of pain for your body.

Outdoor fun, depending on the weather. Have you been punished outside? Like a gardener who has neglected the weeding, the cane on your bare buttocks stings more in the chill air.

Miss K Stinger,  Mistress London
Now, we have the Canadian Prison Strap

An Elite Mistress in London who Switches

Not every Elite Mistress in London offers to switch but I offer this service. After spanking my delicious (as often described by my clients) bottom I take over, so you better judge what you give as when the table turns I am in charge and you will submit.

Do you have some other scenario in mind? Just ask and I will tell you if I agree.

BDSM Delightful Options

There are many, many other options for your session. Hot wax on your naked skin? Underneath me as I shower you with my golden nectar? I’ve mentioned the needels above and the clamps but not the little pegs or the pegs and heavy chain. A clamp on each nipple and joined with a chain or weights hanging from your cock and balls, both of these add to a caning. First the pain of the cane stroke, then the added tugging of the weights on your nipples or balls or both.

Pegging Mistress

I also enjoy dominating you internally. You may have no option when strapped over the bench, your legs spread as I choose a dildo that stretches your anus. I enjoy thrusting. I enjoy grinding. A pegging will test you. Consider before asking and remember to be faultlessly clean.

Beaten by an Elite London Mistress
The results of a Canadian Prison Strap

Sissy Play

I do like a sissy. Especially sissy sluts who require severe punishment. Wearing those pretty clothes and knickers means you have to pay a price. If you have your own sissy clothes you are welcome to change and wait for me to come up the stairs.

Sensory Play Mistress

What can that mean? One thing is to be blindfolded and strapped down. You hear my voice and you hear my high heels tapping across the wooden floor of my chambers as I gather some favourite instruments. Perhaps I will introduce to a new implement. A Canadian Prison Strap perhaps or something more domestic, the carpet beater or the long-handled wooden spoon.

Contact me and we’ll arrange a date and time. I promise there won’t be too many surprises.

Miss K Stinger

Elite Mistress in London

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