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Fetish Mistress in North London

I am a professional fetish Mistress in North London. I take pleasure in creating scenes dear to a fetishist’s fantasy. There are certain services I do not provide, do read my Mistress FAQ. But there is plenty that I am happy to indulge in. So what is your fetish? Tell me, and I’ll make it happen, along with my CP services (which I adore) or thorough BDSM if you wish.

Fetish Mistress in North London
Leg Worship Fetish Indulgence for a Lucky Client

You could look up a dictionary definition of ‘fetish’ but that would be boring. You know your fetish. We can indulge your kink together.

Shoe and Boot Mistress

You won’t be surprised when I tell you my collection of shoes and boots is extensive. I happen to favour black and red. High heels that you will hear tapping as I cross my chambers to find just the right cane for your buttocks.

The knee-high boots, zipped or lace-ups always evoke domination. Perhaps you would have to kneel before me and worship my legs, all the time the heel pressing into your delicate cock and balls.

Shiny black leather always goes down well along with the wet look for some of my clients. Tell me about the footwear that excites you and it will be so.

Miss K Stinger | Boot Fetish Mistress
You Know What These Boots Were Made for Don't you?

The Lingerie Goddess

The majority of my clients like my highly feminine collection of lingerie. I have so much, from corsets to lacy tops, from sheer panties to seamed stockings. So, you like the stocking-clad leg, and the suspender belt in a vintage style. Well, that’s what you get to see up close. You may worship the leg or the stocking-covered feet, with utmost respect.

My feet are strong and shapely so if it is naked feet that give you the buzz of pleasure, you will get to see them in their glory.

Stocking Fetish Mistress
Waiting for Your Naked Bottom Across my Knees

Rubber and Latex Heaven

Rubber is a material that elicits much excitement for some clients. I can’t say what has the stronger pull for them, the look, the feel or the smell. I can wear some latex pieces I have for a session.

The Lady in Leather

A lady in leather is one thing. A leather-wearing Mistress is quite another thing. I have leather wear that you will be glad to see me in. I may even let you inhale the leather aroma when you are strapped to my punishment bench.

Leather Fetish Mistress and Switch
My Bottom in Leather

Cross-Dressing Sissy Boy Punisher

Sissy sluts are most welcome. Dressing up is fun. Especially I think for a man who yearns to be taken into a strong woman’s control. The soft feel of feminine material on your cock is titillating is it not?

School Girl or Headmistress?

The schoolgirl fetish is strong in England. I switch therefore you can have me across your knees with my schoolgirl knickers around my knees. We can reverse that scene. Fancy a schoolgirl taking control and taking the cane to your bare bottom?

I do like being the Headmistress, cruel and demanding, bending you over my original school desk for a session that will leave you sore but satisfied.

Role Play, Family or Authority Fetish

The status game or a role-playing fetish is something I am happy to indulge. Have you had a fantasy about the mature lady, an aunt perhaps, taking you in hand, over her knee? A military type punishing your sins? Could it be a lady manager, who’s had enough of your poor work and takes you to task in the office, trousers and pants removed, over your desk for a painful lesson in office culture?

Nurse please! Yes. I can be a nurse and indulge a medical fetish.

Fetish Mistress in North London | Be Indulged

It is not healthy to carry around a fetish that is never indulged. Better to get it out and into the real world, eh? There are many I’ve not listed. Make sure to check the Mistress FAQs and read the entries in my blog. I like new things and I pride myself in giving a memorable service.

Corporal Punishment Fetish

You will remember my speciality is corporal punishment. It is my greatest pleasure, to inflict pain, to see the red stripes appear on a bottom and to hear the cries as you try to cope with a hard hand spanking, the Dragon cane, the slipper, the paddle or the many straps, whips and tawses that I love.

Remember that...

Your pain is my excitement

Miss K Stinger

Fetish Mistress

North London

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