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Flagellation Domme in London

Flagellation is such an 'olde worlde' word. Along with ‘thrashing’ and ‘flogging’ it would appear to be so last century. We all have particular words that make our hearts beat quicker for a moment. So, if this word thrills you, and sums up your fantasy then you need to get in touch with me, Miss K Stinger, Flagellation Domme in London.

Flagellation Domme in London
A prison strap is one of the intense punishments I offer

The Thrill of the Word ‘Flagellation’

I know that some of my subs are aroused by the use of this word and when asked the will point to the history of this term along with ‘thrashing’ and ‘flogging.’ Flagellation was used by the S&M connoisseurs of the last century (and beyond) and the other two terms were used extensively in the public schools of the time. A flogging brings up mental pictures of schoolboys bent over the headmaster’s desk or armchair. The cane applied to the bare buttocks, red stripes appearing one under the other. Flagellation, for one of my subs, connects to Theresa Berkley, the inventor of the ‘Berkley Horse’, an upright bench to secure a sub for prolonged flogging. Do look up this remarkable ‘governess’ (a term for a dominatrix from the early 1800s. Theresa Berkley on Wikipedia.


Spanking and Caning

These are the terms most of my clients would use to find me. Both fall under the catchall term for BDSM. Both are different from each other. Each instrument for CP has a different thrill and different pain. I’m not sure which I enjoy applying the most. I know I enjoy the results of both, the red bottom, the squirming, the little cries as a client or you go through for my pleasure.


We also have whipping, belting, tawseing, smacking, slippering and whacking. I offer all. These implements. A session with me is an intense and layered experience.


Flagellation Strap
The Tawse comes before the Dragon cane

A Punishment Taster

If you are unsure of the details of what to experience, to meet and bring your fantasy into your real world then we can have a taster session together. We could have a simple OTK spanking (to warm you up) followed by a caning. Do note the bottoms of my subs on my X (Twitter) feed or on Instagram, many are experienced subs who receive the punishment they want. I can break you in gently.


For example, we can start with a spanking over your pants, these I then tug down and continue to spank you on your bare bottom. This precedes and warms you up for the cane. A ‘cold caning’ (ie without a spanking) is not advised for newbies (unless you really want it).


Flagellation for a Willing Strap
An experienced sub but I will have to strap him down over the bench for what's coming next

My Chambers, Your Obedience

Once you are in my chambers (a domestic setup and NOT a dungeon) you will show respect, instant obedience and a willingness to accept your punishment is necessary. A keen sense of humour is a bonus, this is fun, right?


You will notice hooks on the wall, two large pots and the flogging bench. Hanging from the walls you will see, multiple straps, whips, floggers and paddles. In the two large pots a multitude of canes and crops, along with some surprised, long rulers and long-handled spoons. You’ll also notice a table or two crowded with slippers, gym shoes, more paddles and toys, dildos and Butt plugs for example.


The Flogging Bench

You will become very familiar with this device the more often you visit. I guarantee once you experience my keen attention you will wish to repeat it. I can take you further in your submission and acceptance of pain. You know your pain is my excitement, don’t you?


Miss K Stinger's Chambers
What you will see on entering my chambers...

Role Play

Flagellation, thrashing, and flogging can be applied in a range of scenarios. What’s yours? Schoolroom? Goddess worship? Medical scene? Prison guard? Domestic, where mummy or auntie supplies a painful lesson?


Flagellation Domme in London

I am an expert and hard-hand spanking domme, this is my speciality but I also supply many other BDSM play from needles to golden rain, from nipple clamps to intense pegging (which I also love).


Browse my blog for other ideas and pictures.


Imagine your fantasy coming alive, this is what I will do for you. One session is never enough, so, be aware that repeat visits encourage loyalty and deeper and deeper fulfilment.


I am,


Miss K Stinger

Flagellation Domme in London


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