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German Mistress London

I am Miss K Stinger, a German Mistress in London. To be precise, Barnet North London, a quiet spot, with private parking and gated. I can conduct a BDSM session in German if you wish. Germans are renowned for efficiency, details and being meticulous. I bring those traits to my position as a respected and professional Mistress.

German Mistress London
Waiting for you to Strip

List of BDSM Services

I feel no need to list all the BDSM services on offer for your session. I will mention some and you may ask for what you wish to be made real. Remember to read my Mistress FAQs so you know what I DON’T do.

You will also remember to be respectful at all times.

At the heart of any BDSM session is your punishment. There is a wide range of ways your discipline can be maintained and I will choose the punishment I know will be remembered.

We will chat first and establish your thresholds and where you wish to go. You will also tell me, without writing a convoluted script, the things that excite, things for you or me to wear, the sensations you wish and any favourite words.

German Mistress London | Strapping Sub
The Canadian Prison Strap

Corporal Punishment

You may think that hand spanking is a mild form of punishment. I promise it is not. You will find that out over my knees. You will also experience the joy of slippering and the paddle if I dictate so. Being a German Mistress means being thorough. Your buttocks will be as red as I think right and for the very naughty, I will spank the backs of your legs.

Floggers and Belts

You will be surprised at the variety of these instruments my chambers contain. Each is of the highest quality (we Germans must always have the best quality in all that we do) and is made to be used to inflict the exact amount of pain you deserve. A birching can be arranged with some notice and at an added cost.

German Mistress in Barnet North London
Don't Worry, it's What he Asked for...

So Many Canes, Where to Start?

Pots of canes dominate my chambers. Some are gifts some are most expensive as, they too, are of the best quality. I have my favourites of course, some of the canes can impart great impact, others sting. Tucked away in one corner is my sjambok, a heavy leather whip but really more of a cane. Will I take you into my private garden where the cool air increases the sting, or over a chair, the Winchester position perhaps? I will decide. Most of my subs will experience the cane while over my expensive custom-built punishment bench. How much you wriggle will decide how well I strap you down.

German Mistress London and my Power

It is vital that you remember that the power resides only with your German Mistress. You will submit to me in every way. That means externally and internally (if you request) by pegging. Imagine me thrusting into you to show my total dominance.

Other joys of BDSM can be brought into play for your session. A golden shower, Cock and Ball Torture, needle-play and nipple torture.

A German Mistress Requires Worship

You kneel. You look up at my strong face. You are only halfway through your session. Your buttocks are scorched and now you worship your German Mistress. My feet and shoes, working your way up my leg to my stocking-clad thigh. Then we stop as I am satisfied and we continue the corporal punishment.

Sissy Sluts

If I say so and you have the fantasy we can make you into a sissy slut. This can be as simple as ordering you into some pretty panties for your punishment and all sissy sluts are pegged, that’s normal, right?

So, if you wish to experience and make your fantasy come to life with a native-born German Mistress then message me for the next step.

Miss K Stinger

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