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Guide to Visiting a Professional Mistress (for Newbies)

Here’s my guide to visiting a professional Mistress. I am Miss K Stinger of London. I take pride in delivering a BDSM session. My speciality is Corporal Punishment (CP), which I deliver with precision and pleasure. A spank or the swish of a dragon cane is exciting for me and painful for you.

Guide to Visiting a Professional Mistress  | Main Image
Seeing to a strapped down sissy

Punishment as Therapy

Have you had a long-term fantasy about being punished by a dominant woman? One you can worship, one you wish to give your pain to, for her pleasure? Many men have told me that corporal punishment acts as a therapy, some have even told me that visiting a professional like me has saved their marriage.

When you bottle up a fantasy, it becomes all-consuming. You need freedom from that burden. The elation my clients feel as they take their leave is soul-enhancing.

Pain is a good way of releasing endorphins, a hit of pleasure. But a session with me will go deeper, to the dream you want to be made real. You will have a release.

Basic Requirements

First, you will contact me.

I will then send you some more details, including my tribute.

We will arrange a mutually agreed date and time.

You’d better read my Mistress FAQs

You will arrive on time, not a minute before, not a minute after

(if due to our woeful transport network you are running late you will message me with an apology)

I will welcome you and we will have a short chat about your fantasies or needs.

We will reinforce what you wish in your session.

DO NOT create an in-depth fantasy script, it will fail. Rather think of the sensation, think of trigger words that excite you (like a term your mother used or the number of cane strokes you are going to receive), and think of what you would like me to be wearing.

We will enter my chambers and then you are mine. There will be no going back. You will be in my hands totally.

You Should be:

  • Respectful at all times

  • Faultlessly polite

  • Clean, make sure you are PERFECTLY clean

First Time Nerves

Everyone has them. I will put you at ease. I will also inflict the amount of pain you require. You will note from my website and Twitter (X) feed that some clients, the experienced, require greater levels of pain… I can take you there when you are ready.

I will take into account the most exciting details of your requirement and then we will enter into our play. I enjoy being spontaneous on the day, so there will be surprises and a degree of reward but only if you obey my instructions.

Setting the BDSM Scene

As you will note from my website I have an extensive wardrobe. I can be a rubber Mistress, a leather-clothed Dominatrix, a school teacher (in a delightful summer dress), a school girl, your manager, or even your mummy or auntie. I will dress for our play to excite you. Simple ultra-feminine lingerie? High heel shoes, knee-high lace-up boots? Even a nurse or military guard, all can add to our session.

Degrees of Pain

You will also note the extensive collection of implements. I recently added a Martinet (a gift from my sub Fluffy Johnny), quite a unique sensation.

I spank very hard so an OTK start is going to surprise you. I believe you will find it hard to catch your breath.

The simple plimsol or slipper; makes such a lovely sound.

Paddles come in many forms, you should know the wooden ones do hurt a good deal. The leather paddles and rubber ones are also painful.

I have an extensive collection of canes of different weights, from thin and swish traditional crook-handled school canes to the more dense Dragon cane.

Guide to Visiting a Professional Mistress  | BDSM Bench
It is a comfortable bench


I have a custom bench for you to receive your caning or perhaps a Canadian Prison Strap will be the answer you are looking for, ‘how much can I take’. You may or may not be secured for punishment, we’ll see won’t we?

Guide to Visiting a Professional Mistress | Image 2
This could be you

Guide to Visiting a Professional Mistress (Other BDSM Pleasures)

I also offer other BDSM services including the use of clamps on your balls and on your nipples. View my About page.

To enjoy your first session (I’m sure you’ll be back for more, you need it don’t you), use one of the contact methods listed on the website.

I look forward to making your fantasy a reality.

Miss K Stinger

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