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Judicial Caning Mistress

I am Miss K Stinger a judicial caning mistress in north London. I specialise in Corporal Punishment at all levels from the junior cane that swishes to the prolonged and severe judicial punishment.

Judicial Caning Mistress
A playful costume and I have many including more formal wear

In this post, I will answer some of the questions that come up for those wishing to take their submission to another level. You may not be ready to take on this, the most severe, punishment but we can work together to build your tolerance. Therefore, you will attain a new high and the fulfilment of knowing what you can endure.


Strict Disciplinarian

I acquire most of my clients in north London and from Hertfordshire but I have many gentlemen who travel from Europe to experience my discipline. My years of experience has equipped me with a sense of knowing how much punishment a sub can take and I take great care to build your ability in my care.


Judicial Caning FAQs

  • How painful is a Judicial Caning?

  • What happens during a Judicial Caning?

  • What are the Effects of a Judicial Caning?

  • What should I wear for a Judicial Caning?

  • How many strokes of the cane for a Judicial Caning?

  • Which is the cane most used in Judicial punishment?

  • Does the cane leave scars?

  • Is a gag used during punishment?

  • What aftercare does a bottom need after such a caning?


How painful is a Judicial Caning?

Very. Be in no doubt that you will experience pain that will take you to the limit. A warm up spanking can help. Endorphins will be released in preparation for the judicial session. Across my lap I build up the spanks (and I spank very hard) to prepare your pain threshold. A judicial caning is more severe than any other form of CP. You should be prepared and it is a good idea to have a bit or gag to bite on.

Judicial Caning Bench
"Mount the bench."

What Happens During a Judicial Caning?

As you may have seen Judicial Punishment is still used in some parts of the world. The subject is usually secured to an A-frame with his buttocks exposed. Padding is applied above and below the buttocks in case of a poor aim.


My Judicial Punishment is applied while you are secured to my custom flogging bench. We can talk about the scene. Options can include me being dressed as a prison guard. A reason can be agreed upon, that is the reason for this formal punishment. I would then expect you to strip naked under my unrelenting gaze.


Naked and vulnerable I will then pass a sentence. The amount of strokes will be down to me. I will access your condition and experience along with your buttocks and how much punishment the flesh will be capable of accepting.


My sentence is final. You should be prepared for that. We, will, of course, discuss the range of strokes you will receive. 24 strokes is the norm. These can be applied in sets of 6 with a break in between, whatever we have agreed. I will assess your state of mind during each break.


Once a sentence has been given you will present yourself on the bench. I will secure you. Because this is a Judicial punishment you will be totally secured. Straps will be applied to your calves and upper thighs. Others will be applied across your back and your wrists will be bound.


Other forms of bondage can also be applied, for example, the aforementioned gag and/or a blindfold or hood.


Then the beating will commence.


Judicial canes
A selection of canes to build you up to a full Judicial Punishment session

What are the Effects of a Judicial Caning?

Contrition. You will be absolved of all your misdeeds. You will feel intense excitement and a great deal of intense pain in your buttocks. You will most likely be out of breath trying to control the pain you are experiencing.


It is quite likely that the skin on your buttocks will break and there may be some bleeding, along with some deep bruising. We’ll patch you up in preparation for leaving my chambers.


What should I wear for a Judicial Caning?

I prefer those undertaking a Judicial to be naked. Being fully naked shows your submission and acceptance of your punishment. Allowances can be made if necessary and a light vest for the upper body may be allowed.

Result of a formal Judicial Caning Session
The result of a prolonged caning session on my flogging bench

How many strokes of the cane for a Judicial Caning?

As mentioned, the maximum amount of strokes is 24. This may be a lot to ask for a first punishment so we may have to build to this amount. As a taster, I can spank you and use a lighter cane, then apply 3 – 6 strokes in the Judicial manner. We can build you up to 12, then 18 and finally to the 24.


Which is the cane most used in Judicial punishment?

A heavy-duty rattan cane is used. This is longer and thicker than the traditional school cane. My preference is for a Prison or Reformatory type cane from Quality Control. These are supplied with a thick handle which aids the accuracy of the long cane to be applied in parallel lines across your naked buttocks.


Does the cane leave scars?

It is unlikely to be permanent but you will be marked for some days if not weeks.


Is a gag used during punishment?

As mentioned, this is an option that you may wish to request. Having something to bite on is a good idea. I do not want you to make excessive noise so I may apply one at any time.

Severe weals from caning
This is what you can expect from a full punishment session

What aftercare does a bottom need after such a caning?

I will take care of you and make sure you come down gently from the dizzy heights of your intense punishment. Ointments can help and most likely you will need some form of padding applied.


If you wish to book a punishment session with me then do so and remember one session is unlikely to be enough if you wish to explore your fantasies and needs. Have a look around my website for other BDSM delights I offer.


Miss K Stinger

Judicial Caning Mistress London

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