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London Caning Mistress

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

First, a word about your limits. These are always respected but you are going to go further up the scale of pain than you thought possible. I have been a London Mistress for many years and I know how far I can take you.

A caning session is usually given on the bare buttocks. If you wish to wear some clothing for your session let me know in advance.

Cold Caning v Warm up

A cold caning means no hand spanking or other implements are used before the cane is applied. Sometimes, if I have not had a client for a day or two we’ll go straight to the cane. You can always ask for a warm up. Be aware that I am known as the hardest hand spanker in London.

Caning Positions

I have a robust bench. You will fee secure. You’ll feel especially secure if I strap you down. Thick leather straps over your back, around your thighs and calves. Very secure, no escape from my variety of canes (and other implements like the Canadian Prison Strap or my range of paddles).

I may make you stand with your hands on the seat of a chair. Why? Well, is stretches the skin over your buttocks, so that every morsel of skin is exposed to my collection of canes, your whole bottom can be attended to with my passion.

I may even have you over my lap and use a short cane.

Twitching Legs

I know when you are feeling the pain. The legs will twitch involuntary. You’ll even try to get your bottom out of the firing line but it won’t happen. I will order you to hold still and you will take your punishment. I adore to see your legs and feet twitching and hear you voice your discomfort.

Don’t be too noisy. My chamber is soundproof but too much crying out is not allowed. If you do make too much noise I will warn you and I may make you hold a bar of soap in your mouth for the whole of your caning session.

Caning Surprise

A caning can be applied in a variety of ways. The application can be given from either side, so you end up with even strokes across both cheeks.

Each cane is different so using a variety of canes can lead to surprising levels of pain.

I do like to apply the cane rapidly on occasions, something that will surprise you. A few clients ask for the rapid application and that manner of application is going to surprise your nervous system.

A Variety of Canes

I’ve broken two canes recently. But I have many, many canes. The traditional crook handed school cane of rattan or Kooboo. My favourites are the Dragon Canes. Robust, flexible and stinging they come in a variety of grades, and diameters. From the Junior Dragon Cane, 6-8mm diameter, through the Senior and Reformatory Dragon canes, ending with the Prison Dragon Cane.

I’ve been lucky to be given several special canes with different handles. I choose the ones I use on the day of the session. Well, more than one, sometimes I have three to hand each used in turn, the strokes leaving wild, red weals on your vulnerable buttocks.

You’ll always leave my chamber well stripped. The ridge lines present for several times days…

After Care

I will always make sure you are satisfied after a caning session. By which I mean, that you are fully disciplined. I am a believer in the matriarchy after all. I see it as my duty that every client leaves my chamber fully chastened and well stripped.

Other BDSM Services

What else can I do to you? What else will I do? Sometimes I surprise myself. I believe in spontaneity. You may have been well caned; you will be refreshed with pain and I will have my excitement. Perhaps some anal training? Shall I peg you? We’ll see. Some cock and ball torture? Perhaps those painful little pegs will be applied to your balls during our caning session? We’ll see what the session holds for you.


Your pain, is my excitement.

Miss K Stinger

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