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London Mistress and Switch

I am Miss Katharina Stinger, London Mistress and Switch. My chambers are in Barnet north London. A safe space to play different roles. A disciplinarian ready, willing and enjoying corporal punishment of miscreants. Also, the girl you want to put over your knee or present herself for the cane.

London Mistress and Switch
A Schoolgirl, Knickers Down, for your Pleasure

London Mistress

I am a most experienced Mistress who takes excitement from your pain. You may make requests for what you wish to happen in your punishment session and I will add my ideas. I do like to be spontaneous. Play should be fun as well as exciting, a fantasy made alive in my play space. I can dress to dominate, high-heels and seamed stockings are always popular, short lacy dresses, leather skirts, or the severe-looking school mistress, prim, wearing glasses and holding an o’ so swishy cane.

Tell me what excites you but I will be in control and I will dictate your spanking, caning, slippering or belting. I have a fine collection of canes, the much-liked Dragon, the traditional crook-handled Rattan and other delights like the Senior Kooboo Rattan for those that wish to endure a judicial-type punishment.

London Mistress and Switch Outdoor Flogging
Outdoors Ready for Flogging

London Switch for Spankers

What is the scene you have in your head? A simple spanking for a slovenly secretary? Me over your knees, skirt up and knickers around my knees? Are you a hardworking doctor taking your nurse in hand? Or, will it be the classic schoolgirl bent over the desk ready for the cane? Which knickers is your schoolgirl wearing? Traditional navy blue, high-waisted, pulled up tight to show the roundness of her bottom. Do you prefer thin white cotton that peaks out when the girl bends over?

London Mistress and Switch in Leather Skirt
Preparing for your Attention

London Mistress and Switch Lover

The combination thrills me, the change of status and power is quite intoxicating isn’t it? Stripped and strapped across my bench, your naked bottom absorbing the cuts of the cane. How many cane strokes can I deliver in one minute, hint… more than you can count.

The next, the tables are turned, my knickers down or even removed you bring my bottom to a delightful pinkness. My bottom is very much worthy of attention. I know its roundness will delight and you may growl with joy.

London Mistress and Switch Schoolgirl
White Panties or do you Prefer Navy Blue Knickers?

The Punishment Bench

When you enter my chambers the first thing to note, after the extensive collection of implements is the punishment bench. You’ll feel safe when you take up your position. Multiple straps will secure your body. We don’t want you thrashing about do we? We just want the thrashing.

Strapped down, at the mercy of Miss K Stinger, a place to be, don’t you think? Don’t worry, you will see some severely punished bottoms on my website and on my Twitter feed. These are clients who requested something severe. We can take things easy to start and over subsequent sessions, we can push you further. You wish to explore how much punishment you can take, of that, I am sure.

'Your pain is my excitement'

I am quite flexible in days and times for Mistress and Switch sessions. All you have to do to relieve past experiences or start new ones is message me.

Miss K Stinger

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