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London Spanking Therapy

I’m a believer in spanking therapy and other more physical therapies. So, if you’re looking for London Spanking Therapy, you’re in the right place. I am Miss Katarina Stinger, a professional dominatrix based in Barnet North London. BDSM offers many things besides indulgence in sexual fantasies. At a physical level, you deal with pain, your body responds with endorphins and you have a rush. At the mental and spiritual level, there is much more.

London Spanking Therapy
Some of my Many Spanking Implements

Saving Marriages

I’ve been informed by many of my clients that I have saved their marriages. Some partners are not going to be interested in BDSM activities, especially corporal punishment. My service is discreet, thorough and fulfilling. Your desires will be met and I would say exceeded by attending my chambers for your playtime. That is what BDSM is on one level, simply two adults playing.

London Spanking Therapy

At the simplest, you need to be punished. That is not to feel ashamed. You should embrace that need. Spanking therapy can take many forms. An over-the-knee spanking with hand is the simplest. The therapy can be made more intense with implements. The slipper, the paddle, the strap or even the most painful hairbrush. We can take a break after your hand spanking and you can view your bottom in my chamber’s large mirror. We can then continue building up the intensity to an agreed level.

Spanked over Miss K Stinger's Knee
One Client's Spanking Therapy

The Authority Figure You Desire

Who are you reporting to? A therapist? I think that is the least likely. The dominant person who administers corporal punishment is an authority figure you trust, yet also fear. Is that going to be a teacher? The headmistress who picks you up on your work? A current authority figure, a manager? Someone more judicial then, a prison or military guard? Or, are we going down the route of a member of the caring profession? A nurse who knows what’s good for your health. Then we have no option. You will have to be taken in hand by mummy or auntie.

I love role play and will become the authority figure you need for your punishment.

Maintenance Spanking, Maintenance Caning

The occasional session of OTK spanking is not going to be enough, is it? You need to be dealt with on a regular basis. You might not even think you deserve your punishment but regular spanking therapy will settle you and make you better at whatever you are attempting or maintaining.

Spanking is not always enough. That may be true of you for your first session over my knee. Regular spanking is going to release much you have imprisoned for so long. But we have to take into account that more serious punishment will be needed. It is just a question of when.

Miss Stinger's Punishment Bench
Today is Your Maintenance Caning

Report for the Cane

There are several positions for receiving the caning you need. A simple touch your toes, bent over a chair or a table or my preference, the punishment bench. Have you ever been benched? The bench makes sure your buttocks are presented at the correct angle for the cane strokes. It also means I can easily change sides, so to deliver the cane strokes evenly. Your legs are spread and your cock and balls are obvious (they can come in for their own treatment if needed). My punishment bench also offers the extra ability to strap you down for a beating. This may be necessary. Imagine reporting for your first caning and being strapped down so not even a limb can move.

Caning Sets

The traditional six-of-the-best will not be enough. Twelve strokes? I think not. All I will say is that you will be looking at eighteen plus.

Which cane I decide on will happen on the day. I will take your experience and physical condition into account. But for both spanking therapy and caning therapy I will decide. A thin and swishy school cane? The straight Senior Dragon Cane? Something apart from the cane? We’ll see.

Miss Katharina Stinger

Spanking Therapist, London

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