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Miss K Stinger Spanking and Caning Videos

I love my spanking and caning videos. All of my own subs. (and taken with permission). Click here to see my video taster’s page. You will also know that I post videos on my X account (formally known as Twitter). You will see a range of BDSM activities undertaken with full consent.

Spanking and Caning Videos
Miss K Stinger's Chambers

More Spanking and Caning Videos

If you wish to watch more videos you can subscribe to these delights on my CLIPS4SALE or LOYALFANS pages. They are just a click away.

Spanking and Caning Sessions

Do you just like to watch? Then there is plenty of my work on video. I switch so you can also see my undergoing corporal punishment. My chambers are in Barnet north London, a domestic setup with a custom punishment bench. You can be strapped down and experience a session (with limits respected) of refined physical punishment. That’s much more thrilling than just watching, is it not?

Punishment Bench
My Punishment Bench

Implements Everywhere

The first thing you see on entering my chambers is a pot of canes and whips. Looking past that pot you will see the walls are hung with many, many items to subdue you and punish you as you should be punished. Floggers, paddles, belts, and tawses all can be brought into play in a session.

Domestic Implements

I have a particular liking for domestic punishment implements. These you will also see in my chambers. Slippers and plimsols are just the right size for use when you are across my lap with your pants pulled down. Now how bad have you been? Will you get the slipper just on your buttocks or will I have to give you a taste on the backs of your legs (most painful).

I also have a large spoon. Sounds innocuous doesn’t it?

Punishment Implements
Such an Implement Selection, Where to Start?

Role Play and Word Play

Your spanking and caning can be undertaken in any number of roles. From a severe prison guard to a stern nurse or even a perky schoolgirl. Perhaps you would require a spanking over Mummy or Auntie’s knee? Will the slipper play a part or will it be the paddle? The anticipation will excite you to great heights.

Perhaps it will be the strict German (which I am) disciplinarian taking you to task with a variety of Dragon canes, straps and paddles. Mixing up the implements is always a delight for me and for you too I expect. Each has a unique pain. The dressage whip for example imparts a sharp thin pain. While the Canadian Prison Strap gives you an overwhelming thump and shock.

Words are important during a punishment session. Think of the words that thrill you, the ones you have not told anyone else. But you can tell me and I will use them (if I find them agreeable).

BDSM Additions & Worship

Every session is tailored to reality. Your fantasy comes to life in a safe atmosphere.

Other BDSM activities can be indulged in, from nipple torture to golden showers and from needle play, sissification and CBT. Ask and we will see. Do read my Mistress FAQs to make sure of what I do NOT offer.

For those miscreants that need it, I will allow foot and leg worship. I love to wear stockings.

Enjoy the videos and think about the reality of a session with your Mistress.

Miss K Stinger

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