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OTK Spanking Services by Miss K Stinger

I’m Miss K Stinger, a professional Dominatrix specialising in OTK spanking services for the mature gentleman. You may visit my chambers here, in Barnet north London. I have a professional play room, well equipped and discrete. It will be my pleasure to have you across my knees for a prolonged spanking session that will make you wriggle and leave you breathless.

Hardest Hand-Spanker in London

I’ve been told by some of my more experienced clients that I am the hardest hand-spanker in London. You can read more of my Dominatrix reviews here. Don’t worry, I believe in building up a spanking.

Pulling Your Pants Down

Isn’t that a lovely feeling? Submitting over a beautiful lady’s lap and she pulls your pants down. Your bottom is bare and slightly pink. Only, she, that is I, will want to see it grow redder and redder. Have you ever been spanked so hard that you find it hard to breath? Many of my clients end a spanking session out of breath due to the velocity of my spanks.

Which Implement Next?

A hand-spanking will leave you quite sore, quite hot and somewhat liberated. All your stress will flow away. I will even spank you with two hands at once. My hands are pretty, feminine but also very strong and well-practiced.

Hand-spanking is a delight for me, as I watch your bottom bounce up and down. Punishment should hurt should it not? You know you deserve it.

We can add other implements as we build your punishment even further. We can start with a slipper before moving on to short leather straps and a variety of paddles. Rubber paddles are rather stingy, leather paddles quite severe and then the wooden paddle which will take your breath away.

Spanking Going Further

Have you ever had the backs of your thighs spanked? What about your ‘flanks?’ Rather painful, always surprising, you’ll be slightly out of your comfort zone (that makes me laugh) and delighted with a new sensation.

It’s not always pain. I may stroke your bottom gently and remind you that you are taking your punishment well before continuing, after all you are over my knee to be punished.

Post Spanking

For the majority of my clients an OTK spanking is a warm up. We usually move on to the cane and heavy prison straps. Role play can be involved. I can be the strict teacher, your mother, your auntie or your office manager. It adds a little something doesn’t it? That fantasy you always wanted to play out is actually happening to you. That’s going to feel good, isn’t it?


We can move into further pleasure realms. The full on BDSM Mistress, strapping you to the bench, the application of a variety of canes, pegging (where I own even the inside of your body), golden showers and of course CBT work. Have you tried that yet? I do enjoy all of these activities and I will be happy to introduce you to new delights.

Remember to be honest and always to show the greatest respect to any Mistress.

Miss K Stinger

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WOW you have beautiful legs Miss. My fantasy is that I imagine that you have court me spying on you. You get me to undress in front of you but pull down my pants yourself. You make me stand there completely naked in front of you for a few minutes, before putting me over your legs and spanking me along with some cbt. Mark

Gefällt mir
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