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Pro CP Mistress London

Corporal Punishment is a delightful way to play. I can never decide which I enjoy more, prolonged hand spanking or the use of a variety of canes on my client’s naked buttocks. I am Miss K Stinger a Pro CP Mistress London. North London to be exact, in the quiet suburbia of Barnet.

Pro CP Mistress London | Miss K Stinger north London
An experienced sub half way through an intense session

Regular CP is Good for you

You may have a fantasy of being punished by a dominant Mistress and yet go through with that fantasy. Try it. You certainly will not regret giving your pain for my excitement. The majority of my clients, once they have a taste and learn to receive, obey and thank me, will return for regular corporal punishment… and other experiences.


Regular CP is important for those of us who have that kink. Spanking and caning instill discipline, that’s true and it also gives our lives focus. It can be our secret. How much you enjoy submission and how much you crave that pain. That pain that gives you a buzz, that pain that your closest and dearest may never know.


Pro CP Mistress London, spanking and caning expert
A wheelbarrow spanking for this miscreant and I add a butt plug for him to endure.

Corporal Punishment Positions

Do you have a favourite position to receive your punishments? Do you imagine yourself over the lap of your Mistress, squirming as I spank your buttocks till crimson? More spanks on the back of your legs, painful and memorable, have you had your flanks attended to? A spanking doesn’t just happen over my lap, you could be kneeling on the floor, with my legs astride you, perhaps I’ll put you in the wheelbarrow position (with a butt plug, perhaps), or better still over my punishment bench. For schoolboys, there is always my traditional school desk, bent over, trousers and pants around your ankles.


Degrees Of Physical Punishment

Which do you think is more painful? The hand or the cane? The cane you say? In the main that is true but I spank very hard. Read some of my testimonials to find out what my clients think.


We’ll come to the cane in a minute. Let’s start you off with a slipper. A slipper is easy to grip and even easier to smack a naked bottom with. The pain from a slippering can go right through you, it stings and it sounds divine.



Come in many forms, leather and wood being the most common, rubber another choice. If you are new then we can start with the softer rubber, building you up till you can take leather then wood. I warn you. A wooden paddle is quite an experience.


Belts, Tawses and Straps

The trouser belt can give quite a sting too. I may remove yours and use it on you, as a starting point. Then we have the strops, not wide but usually dense leather, these leave an impression with their weight. Tawses come in many variants. The traditional two straps, like the Lochelly Tawse, the three and the four straps are common. Then we come to the single tail, dense leather and known as the Devil's Tail Tawse. You will be hard-pressed to take a prolonged session with one of these beauties.


Miss K Stinger is a Pro CP Mistress in London
One of my more severe tawses in operation

Dragon Canes

I have many, many canes. They are expensive when you buy the best. A variety of handles with different grips is not important for you but it is for me. What you will be concerned with is the length, the flexibility and the circumference. Each inflicts a different degree of pain and makes different sounds. Dragon canes come in three main types, junior, senior and reformatory. What we’ll use in a session will depend on what you can endure and how far you wish to go.


Other Implements to Endure

I have a selection of wooden spoons, carpet beaters, floggers, switches, and the odd Sjambok, not to mention the ability to select stinging nettles and a birch (birches need notice and will require an extra fee).


What to Wear for a Beating

The naked bottom is always required. I will allow a thin pair of pants if you are shy. What you wear before is also a consideration, your school uniform perhaps or, one of my favourites, is when a sissy attends, panties and stockings are acceptable but remember those panties will be coming down.


Pro CP Mistress London | A bench for you to be strapped across
My punishment bench will keep you secure during our CP session.

CP Evidence

You will find plenty of examples of my CP work on my website, especially my blog. You can also pop over to X (Twitter as was) for what I have achieved with my consenting clients. If you wish to buy clips then you can check out my Links page for the links to LoyalFans and Clips4Sale.


Don’t miss out on a memorable life-affirming corporal punishment session with me. I have slots here and there so contact me, visit and leave with a well-punished bottom and buzz that will live with you for a very long time.

Miss K Stinger

Pro CP Mistress London



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