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Pro Dom in London

I pride myself on the exactness of my professional BDSM services. I am a dominatrix, German by birth and with many years of experience. You are looking for a Pro Dom in London and I am in Barnet north London, easy to get to by public transport and with chambers that have a gated car park. Remember that I am a BDSM Mistress who believes in respect at all times.

Pro Dom in London | Strap Examples
"We'll start you off with something light."

BDSM Services for your Fantasy to Live

When you have that fantasy, do you shake a little? My clients have many fantasies. My profession means bringing them to life. Tell me and we will shape the perfect session. A session that will be seared in your memory. The next time you masturbate, when you cum, you will be thinking of me alone. That is alone with you, under my strict gaze and authority.

For you to live your fantasy you may have to give up some guilt you may feel. If you have been carrying this for some time it will get you down. It is always better to get that fantasy in the open and experience the reality. If you are married and it feels like a betrayal, you need not worry. Our session will be conducted at a highly professional level. Being a Mistress and offering the services I do has saved many marriages.

Who is Dominating You?

I can be a traditional dominatrix, clad in the traditional costume, high heeled knee length boots or perhaps stilettos, black seamed stockings attached to a wide belted suspender belt, lacy panties, a short corset or chemise, perhaps even topless. What do you see when you picture your Mistress? When you repeat your visit you may choose a new outfit you would like to see. Perhaps your Mistress is wearing pure white lingerie, going against type can be quite dominating.

Pro Dom in London | Miss K Stinger
A smile can hide much, can it not?

Which Authority Figure?

Another authority figure? How I love to role-play. A taskmistress in the office perhaps, one who you imagine wears stockings and suspenders under her conventional dress. You’ve always admired her bosom and her swaying bottom. But do you fancy being controlled by this rather aloof manager? Imagine and it can be true, over the manageress's knees, no trousers, pants yanked down to the top of your thighs, my hard hand raining down, the slipper before you are bent over for a long, stinging session with the cane.

The Uniformed Figure

A nurse, a doctor, a military guard or a table-turning schoolgirl. We could do medical play. I can use needles on your ball sack, clamps or pegs as well, which add a delicious sensation above the pain of the spanking or a strap. A military guard, in control, you have no option as she orders you to strip for a reformatory style caning. Sets of 6 – 12 strokes with the thinnest cane, followed by further sets with progressively heavier canes.

I’ll tell you a secret, corporal punishment is my favourite. That makes me a Pro Dom in London to remember.

Cane stripes from a Pro Mistress
"I know it hurts, but you deserve it."

A Family Member Punishes

Is that something you feel a little shame about? No need. I can be your auntie, even your mummy. All be it a very strict mummy who loves to see her boy’s bottom getting redder and redder and admiring the cane stroke weals. Mummy might even run her finger of the throbbing ridges left by the cane.

Do you Need to Be Restrained?

I think that is likely. I have such a bench, a bench of delights for me. Custom-made with quality materials. Your knees sit on the arms of this joy. You will feel comfortable, at the start, of a prolonged CP session. Restraints can be few or many. Straps around your calves, thighs, waist, back and wrists and sometimes to be sure bondage rope (soft yet strong) can force you further into the leather of the bench. Imagine it, you can’t move and I decide you make too much noise. I insert the ball gag, this mutes your complaints. O’, of course, I forgot to mention the blindfold. You will only be able to hear my feet crossing the wooden floor and wonder which implement or tool is Mistress Stinger fetching.

Hello Sissy

Sissies are lovely to deal with but they do need a great deal of spanking and regular pegging. I am also well known for pegging my subs, sissy or not, it shows your submission internally and externally.

Take Note of My Mistress FAQ

Read and remember what I DO NOT do as a Pro Dom in London. You will also take note that I expect you to be EXACTLY on time, for you to be clean and display respect and good manners at all times.

Pro Dom Role Play
The Head Girl turns the tables

Pro Dom in London and Beyond

I am located in Barnet, which is quite reachable if, for instance, you are looking for a Mistress in Hertfordshire. Easy to reach from Watford, St Albans and Potters Bar. I don’t do hotel visits.

BDSM Range

All manner of other treats are available, from golden showers and wax play to outdoor fun and switch play. It is worth remembering that not every detail of a complicated fantasy can happen with satisfaction. Focus on what makes you cum. That is 3 - 4 elements, from what you wish to wear, what you wish to see your Pro Dom wearing, how you like to be addressed and the scale of punishment you wish to endure.


Your pain, is my excitement

Miss K Stinger

Pro Dom in London

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