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Punishment Mistress in London – Strict Discipline For Gentlemen

I am Miss K Stinger and I am an established Punishment Mistress in London. I offer strict discipline for gentlemen at my discrete chambers in Barnet North London. A visit is memorable and I will say you will wish to return for more BDSM activities.

Corporal Punishment is my Speciality

Punishment Mistress in London
"Now, a strapping because you deserve it."

I offer a full range of BDSM services, see below, corporal punishment is but one and that is my passion. You will be over my knee for a hard hand spanking, so intense you will gasp and have to catch your breath. The spanking is a mere warm up and regret may cross your mind. But you wish to prove you are worthy and you can endure. ‘You know you deserve it’, and you will agree.

Benched and Immobile

If you are a newbie and are hesitant then we will forgo the bondage. I will have you lay across my punishment bench. I always take into account my sub’s level of endurance. I can assure you that you will crave more and wish to repeat your experience and endure some of my delightfully erotic surprises.

Have you ever been totally immobile for a thrashing? You will find it very different from a plain ‘bend over’ beating. Imagine. You and me, alone in my chambers. The play unfolds. You find yourself half naked, fully strapped down, perhaps gagged and with a blindfold. The tapping of my high heels is the only sound as you wonder what is next. How much can I endure? Will my bottom be heavily stripped?

I love the cane. I have many. All types, the thin crook-handled junior cane, such a lovely swishing sound, right up to the heavy, thicker Dragon Reformatory cane. But the cane is only one of the punishments I will make you endure. You will endure as…

Your pain is my excitement

Many, Many Punishment Implements

Around the walls of my chambers, you will note the variety of implements at my disposal. Each has a different sensation. From light floggers for your buttocks and back to the heavy wood paddle, the leather paddle and of course my collection of straps. The traditional Scottish Tawse and the wonderful Canadian Prison strap.

Bastinado is the caning of the soles of the feet. This is very hard to endure. Perhaps you would like to experience that sensation and see what you can really endure.

Strict discipline for gentlemen in London
I love what I do.

BDSM Services to Compliment your Session

The beating of your bottom or hands (also your cock) is central to BDSM but I offer a range of delights, from candle play to golden showers. I do enjoy Cock and Ball Torture. Would you like to try CBT at your first session? Perhaps the second session? I have a collection of clamps, pegs and needles to use on your balls. Another sensation when combined with a flogging or spanking.

Have you experienced nipple clamps? I may apply with a chain connecting the two of them. Then I beat you, the chain moves and the nipples are brought into play.

Dressing Up and Role Play

I do love to dress up. From the traditional Dominatrix in boots or high heels wearing black seamed stockings to the nurse in her scrubs applying some needles. Then, of course, there’s the conservative dress of your manager, school teacher or Auntie/Mummy.

Rubber, leather, shiny latex, silk, satin, which material excites you. What will you wish to wear for our play? Perhaps you are a sissy. I entertain many sissies. Panties pulled down for a spanking or over my bench for a prolonged caning.

CBT in London with Miss K Stinger
A well beaten sub. I clamped his ball sack for my amusement.

Pegging Power

All subs can be subjected to a pegging. It shows I own you inside and out. Have you ever thought of what it would be like for a dominant woman to have her way with you? To use you, to subjugate you totally to her will? You will never forget that experience.


You may wish to worship my feet or stocking-clad legs and thighs. This can be possible but there are boundaries you will NOT cross. Worship me on your knees as I deserve.

Play Time

A session with me is like starring in your own play. It is adult play, it is real and it will leave you exhilarated and craving more, so contact me for more details.

Miss K Stinger

Punishment Mistress London

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