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Role Play Mistress in London

I am an experienced role play Mistress in London. My experience is enviable and my desires include making your fantasy come to life. All role play revolves around BDSM activities with a focus on traditional corporal punishment.

Role Play Mistress in London
Your Role Play Mistress in London

Fantasy v Reality

Have you hidden your fantasy for many years? Now is the time to live it. Do be warned that fantasies can come to life and yet sometimes they don’t meet expectations. I can promise you I will do my best to make that desire live. It is best you don’t overcomplicate your fantasy role play. Pick two to three things that bring it alive, these can be what you wear, what I wear, the words used and the punishment I will enjoy inflecting.


So, what is your kink? Tell me. I am not shockable. The worst I will say is “No.” I find many clients wishing to relieve an experience or a near-experience. Others have had a fantasy they have developed over many years. They have added detail after detail to bring it alive in their heads. As above, I caution that being too set on a fantasy can disappoint. Keep it simple, perhaps the only element is what you think as you cum.

What role will I play?

The traditional Dominatrix, boots, seamed black stockings and a see-through top? Many, many clients like this look. Many report for prolonged corporal punishment followed by respectful worship of their dominating Mistress. I enjoy this role, it goes with my German nationality. Yes. I am German and this can bring a more powerful layer to our play.

School Role Play, Headmistress

Many other clients like this play scene. The strict headmistress flexing a crook-handled school cane taking them through their homework. They fail. They are punished over a school desk. Trousers or shorts and pants around their ankles. The school Mistress landing the cane perfectly on their willing buttocks. I do enjoy seeing a pale bottom with regular red stripes. 6 Strokes is never enough is it? Nor are twelve strokes going to make a difference. Now we enter the realms of where multiples of six become thrilling. Eighteen, twenty-four and I would say we go beyond because you never learn, do you?

School Role Play
Lovely! A Schoolboy's Well Stripped Bottom

School Role Play, Schoolgirl

This role play can go both ways. I am in my school uniform, a real school uniform with a pleated skirt and knee-high white socks and I turn the tables and dish out a spanking or have you in the Winchester position for the cane. I switch so perhaps I start over your knee for a spanking, you tug my school knickers down (will they be plain white or navy blue) and spank my girlish bottom.

Relative Role Play

Does Auntie or even your Mummy take you over her knee for a spanking? She could start with a hand spanking and move on to the slipper. Be warned, my reputation as a hard-hand spanker has been earned. Does Auntie order you to strip, does she pull your pants down first? Then you have to squirm over Aunty's knee and promise to behave. “I don’t believe you.” She says. “Something more severe, then you will have learnt your lesson.” Auntie canes and auntie straps you till you are very red and very sore. She will often order her charge to check his bottom in the mirror.

Schoolgirl Role Play
I am a Schoolgirl After a Caning

Office Role Play

I can be a naughty secretary or an office manager. I dress in a conservative dress with tan stockings and a suspender belt.

Uniform Role Play

I have an extensive wardrobe including a nurse and a guard. So, some medical play can be on the cards. Needles, clamps and more come into play. Or you are my prisoner and I indulge my dominant side by punishing you because it gives me pleasure.

Waitress Role Play
This Waitress Won't be Breaking any more Plates

Sissy Slut Role Play

You dress up (in your own) sissy clothes and report to me as a Mistress (as my sissy slave) or as a manager or relative “Have you been wearing my panties again?”

A Role Play Mistress in London

That is me, Miss K Stinger, based in Barnet London. My chambers are discrete and well-equipped. Perhaps I’ll use my favourite canes on you, o’ and I do love to spank, along with my Canadian Prison Strap I will leave a lasting impression.

You will leave our session all abuzz with pleasure and a hint of pain.

Miss K Stinger

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