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Schoolboy for a Strict Mistress

The following is from one of my subs, Timothy. Timothy is one of the miscreants I deal with in my chambers in Barnet London. I do enjoy BDSM role play. So, if you like the school room scenario get in touch.

Hello Mistress,

To help myself be in the right mindset for the severity of this session, I have written a letter (below), pretending that it is my duty to visit my governess every three months for discipline. There are no particular reasons for this punishment, just the need a males have for a severe beating from a lady, on a regular basis.


I have mentioned caning in the letter, but will leave it to you to decide if you want to use a punishment strap first (to help my bottom's skin last longer) and finish with the cane. I admit I would like to feel the dragon cane used full force on a cold bottom. It is not the pain I crave, but the desperation that comes from knowing I must take it. I crave that cruelty. It is my hope that the first stroke comes as a terrifying shock! But all I really ask is that it is real, genuine, and severe punishment from the start - with no warm up.

So, therefore, it is also up to you if you want to restrain me right from the beginning, or start with me bending over and unrestrained. It may depend on if you want to try to make me earn penalties by moving out of place**.

Fast 12 Cane Strokes

(**Please insist I take the punishment without resistance - e.g. not moving too much, making objections, begging or complaining. So, if I do, please pause the main slower punishment and apply a set of your fast 12 cane strokes as a penalty, before going back to carry on with the slower, set punishment. I want to learn to accept I deserve to be punished severely - and if I know resisting will only earn me a fast painful penalty set, I will learn to take it properly. Thank you).

The attached six photos show the mindset I will try to maintain while my day of reckoning draws near, but if you would be kind enough to set me a punishment line to write out over the next week, and bring with me, I would be very grateful. (Just whatever sentence you would like me to be copying out as I wait to be punished by you).

Anyway, hope you find the letter inspiring. If you would be so kind, please reply in a stern tone with any instructions for me, and the time I am to be there on Friday. I really would like this session to be very formal, very severe, and for you to fully enjoy your full disciplinary skills.

Thank you!


Thursday 10th November

Dear Governess Stinger

I regret to report that it has been more than three months since you last disciplined me, and am therefore writing to make a formal application for a severe punishment. As requested, I will be available next Friday 18th November. I will present myself, in the required school uniform attire, at whatever time you request, and remain at your disposal until you are satisfied that I have been sufficiently punished and disciplined.

I must also ask permission to remind you that last time you said you were too lenient, and I am to request you be much more severe this time, and to use your most severe dragon cane cold.

As always, I will endeavour to accept my punishment with good grace and manners, and request that you beat my bottom without concern for any crying or howling I may make. I also ask that you treat any weakness on my part, or begging for mercy, with the maximum severity and penalty. I fully acknowledge and accept that, as a male, it is my duty to surrender to the strictest of female authority and discipline without complaint or resistance, and I understand that resistance on my part will be met with great severity, and incur extra penalties, to thoroughly beat it out of me before my discipline can continue and be fully discharged.

With respectful regards,


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