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Schoolboy or Schoolgirl CP Mistress London

Are you an adult schoolboy or ‘schoolgirl’ looking for a CP Mistress in London? I am based in Barnet north London and I offer the corporal punishment you deserve. There are many delicious scenarios we can play when you are regressed to a naughty boy or girl.

Schoolboy or Schoolgirl CP Mistress London

A School Desk

If you are nostalgic for sitting behind an old school desk anticipating punishment from a strict headmistress then I will oblige, even though you may regret bending over the desk, trousers round your ankles and pants round your knees as I take one of my, many, school canes to your bare bottom. How many strokes do you think? It doesn’t matter what you think. It’s what I decide.

Schoolboy Ready for Punishment

The Headmistress

Do you fancy a headmistress, dressed neatly and rather primly examining your work? I guarantee it won’t be up to the mark and so other marks will be made on your buttocks. Perhaps I will start you off with a hand spanking. My reputation as the hardest hand spanker in London is well-earned. A hand-spanking from me is not an easy option.

Now we move on to your first caning over the desk. Can you imagine what that feels like? Slight shame I expect, half stripped, your cock brushing against the cold wood of the school desk. Soon distracted by the cane strokes raining down, making red hot weal after red hot weal on your exposed flesh.

You may check out my Twitter feed to see how rapidly the cane can fall and if you fancy getting to know what it feels like then do visit my LoyalFans page here.

Schoolboy Cane Stripes

The Head Girl

A variation for your punishment and an added humiliation would be at the mercy of me, as as the Head Girl, a prefect with a cane. Imagine yourself bent over like a little boy while a girl only just older, inflicts pain on your deserving buttocks.

Formal Punishment, The Bench

Some naughty schoolboys need a more severe punishment in my chambers. Here, a punishment bench awaits you, the miscreant. More severe punishment means you will have to be strapped down. Your wrists, thighs, calves, back and waist are pinned to the bench. No movement allowed. We don’t want you to ruin my aim.


Clients that wish to attend as ‘schoolgirls’ are welcome. They receive the same treatment. I do like a schoolgirl in the Winchester position, it is rather demeaning and puts all of you on display and at my mercy. Think of that, a schoolgirl wearing a cute uniform, and school knickers rubbing your cock before I pull them down for your first spanking and perhaps the slipper will come into play. Do you think?

Ladies who wish to act as a schoolgirl are also welcome to my world.

Schoolgirl Switch

I delight in switch sessions, where you can get, some, of your own pack. I have often been complimented on my looks as a schoolgirl in a short skirt, navy knickers or white panties. My bottom is delicious and round. So, you may experience your own pain knowing you can turn the tables on a naughty schoolgirl.

Schoolgirl Switch Session London

Adult Play to BDSM

Of course, we can keep your session school orientated but remember we can take that further with some further BDSM activities, Cock and Ball Torture, needlework or even a golden shower, just to finish you off.

Scene Creation

If you have particular requests then you can tell me. It is best to keep this simple. The words you wish to hear, the scene, the naughty boy caught smoking etc. I like to work with something you give but remember I am in charge and I am a spontaneous BDSM Mistress, so the session will depend on what I enjoy but you, I guarantee, will leave satisfied and affirmed for your kinky desires.

Contact me today to arrange a session that will stay in your memory for a very long time. For existing clients, when am I going to see you again?

‘Your pain is my excitement’

Miss K Stinger

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