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Schoolgirl Switch Spanking Sessions London

I am Miss K Stinger and I offer a range of BDSM services including strict corporal punishment. I am not averse to having the tables turned and offering Schoolgirl switch spanking sessions in my London chambers.

The Best of Both Worlds

My BDSM sessions in London are very well attended both as a strict Mistress but also in another submissive guise. Do you fancy taking me over your knee? Pulling my school-regulation knickers down to my knees. I know your eyes will feast on my curvy bottom and pronounced buttocks. There I am under your hand ready to feel your spanks.

Then we can try the other world. The world where you are the submissive. I love to spank too and have a reputation as the hardest-hand spanker in London. See my Mistress testimonials here. I also have an extensive collection of implements to apply to your bottom (and mine). Quality Control Dragon canes, Canadian prison straps, not to mention a variety of tawses and Martinets. How about a sjambok?

Schoolgirl for Punishment

I am told I make the ideal cheeky schoolgirl. Would you like me over your lap first and then over an original school desk for the cane? Perhaps we can extend our session and go into my private garden for some outdoor spanking and caning? Which would you prefer? The very traditional schoolgirl code of long white socks and navy blue knickers. Perhaps I am a 6th former with black stockings and a suspender belt, wearing white panties? You get to choose how your school dresses.

The Bench of Delights

My custom-made bench is ideal for me to bend over, and my bottom is presented for your attention. Indeed, it would suit you too, strapped down for my attention.

BDSM and Fetish Sessions

What other kinks would you like to explore? Perhaps not all in the same session! I can offer rubber, leather or highly feminine lingerie, with boots, with high heels. Perhaps you have a need for a medical Mistress to examine you and apply some rather sharp needles or clamps.

A pegging? I am an expert when it comes to pegging. I know how far to go, how deep to penetrate you, the pleasure and the pain are exquisite.

Golden showers? Yes. I can oblige.

Switch Sessions London

Join me in my discrete chambers and garden in Barnet north London for sessions you will treasure. A nervous newbie? I will look after you and guide you through your BDSM journey.

Do read my blog. It covers a variety of activities for you to try. Don’t worry, some of the more severe caning pictures are of experienced gentlemen who require maximum discipline.


Your pain is my excitement

Respect at all times is expected.

Miss K Stinger

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