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Sissy Punishment Sessions in London

Congratulations sissy, you are entering the domain of Miss K Stinger, a provider of sissy punishment sessions in London. I enjoy training sissy sluts to my exacting commands and I love to immerse myself in their pain as I spank, cane and toy with them.

Sissy Punishment Sessions in London Main Image

How Long Sissy?

Have you indulged that side of yourself? If you are experienced in dressing up then we can take you further up the ladder of submission. I will make you obey. If you are new to sissy BDSM sessions then I will start you on the path. There is so much pleasure in the escape of wearing feminine clothes in front of a confident and powerful Mistress.

What excites you most? The feel of soft material on your male body. Cotton, silk or satin. Panties feel so nice, don’t they? So do stockings and wearing a suspender belt. Not to mention a slip, a dress and heels. Imagine. A man like you. Dressed in secret with your Mistress. Just you and I know. I can keep a secret. Can you?

Panty Punished Bottoms

This is my secret. Well, it could be but I am happy with my power to reduce men to sissies and I do love to punish them, not just on the bottom. There are other punishments awaiting your body, inside and out.

Sissy Punishment Spanking

Panties Down Spanking

“What pretty red panties.” We’re going to make your bottom the same colour. You will be over my knees in a trice. Perhaps I will start the spanking over your pretty panties. But they will have to be tugged down, won’t they? You deserve a bare-bottom spanking for wearing such frippery. Then we will progress. The slipper? A plimsol? Let’s start with a stout leather paddle. I will apply to one cheek then the other and for you some extra pain as I tackle the backs of your things. What a lovely way to warm up.

Benched Sissy for the Cane

I do love my punishment bench. It will support you for many different treats. Principally the cane. I have my favourites. Have you experienced a Dragon cane? I have several, different thicknesses, different flexibility, and different bands of pain. Other implements will come into play. The prison strap, a riding crop, mandy different tawse’s and of course the floggers. Your pretty sissy bottom will be very sore.

Sissy BDSM Delights

Other delights and treats can be applied. Perhaps I will have to strap you down for these. It will depend on how I feel. I do enjoy the spontaneity of a BDSM session, especially with my sissies. What will it be? Some of these or a blend? The pinwheel, the needles, the clamps and weights? I would be fairly certain that a pegging will be imposed on you, my sissy. Your anus has to be trained to stretch and accommodate my dildos, like a good girl.

BDSM Punishment for a Sissy


Worship of your Mistress is obligatory. We shall chat beforehand of what you wish and what I expect.

Remember This

  • Be polite at all times.

  • Be respectful at all times.

  • You will be punctual, clean and attentive to my orders in your session.

Check my Mistress FAQs and if you wish insight read this blog post: London-Based Sissification Mistress and BDSM Dominatrix

Book a Sissy Punishment Session in London Today

Booking a session with me is simple. Send a message, email or text and in return, you will receive your instruction, which services I provide (and those I don’t) and the expected tribute.

Miss K Stinger

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