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Spanking Services London with Miss K Stinger

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

I am Miss K Stinger and I offer intense spanking services in London, Barnet to be precise. Spanking is such a delight in my mind. I’ve been offering spanking services for a long time and these sessions over my knee are always well received, as you can see from my testimonials like this one from ‘P’:

‘I have never ever experienced such a hard hand spanking from anyone.

She is very pleasant until the session starts, and then she is straight into character. Either a wicked step mother or a teacher or whatever role play I want, she knows exactly how to do it.’

Limits Respected

Yes, I can be very severe with an OTK spanking. It is a spanking service that respects your limits and can take you further along your submissive journey to meet you desires and fantasies fully. We will have a friendly chat before commencing to establish these limits and I will then play the part of a strict disciplinarian in the guise you have chosen, auntie, mother, teacher, matron or whatever excites you.

Slow Spanking to Intense

That’s what you want isn’t it? A warm up, gradually building to you squirm across the knees of your Mistress. Then it can get intense. The spanks descending quicker and quicker, the force increasing till you think you can’t take anymore, but there will be more. Perhaps I’ll scold you at the same time?

Hand Spanking And Beyond

A hard hand spanking will impress on you that you are a submissive and under my control and there will be no escape. Perhaps the hand is not enough. Perhaps I’ll reach over to my coffee table for another implement before carrying on in my relentless manner.

The plimsoll and the slipper make a satisfying “whack!” and will also go deep into the flesh of your buttocks. The hand brush, well here’s the thing about a hand brush spanking, it is intense, perhaps only six with one of my polished wood back brushes…maybe more.

What else will I lay my hands on while you’re over my knees? Spanking services mean a great deal more. I have a lovely fluffy paddle, one side is covered in red fluffiness, the other is hard leather. Which side will I use on your bottom? We’ll see when you commit to visiting my discrete chambers.

Spanking Role Play

Do tell me who you would like to carry out this spanking service. It can be straight, with me as your disciplinarian or we can go into role play. Teacher is very popular, caught smoking again? Poor homework or being insolent, all will be punished keenly by me. Perhaps it is a relative, is it your mother or aunt? What have you done? How humiliating to be over her lap, again, your pants down and your bottom getting redder and hotter.

Do have a good look around my website and my Twitter feed. I can recreate any scenario you see, including a session outside in my private garden. All the pictures and videos you will see of my clients, involved mutual agreement to the level of pain inflicted.

I also offer a range of other BDSM services along with more, how shall we say, thorough corporal punishment? You will see plenty of evidence of this when you enter my chambers for the first time, from the rigs I use for pegging (which I enjoy, very much), to the straps and paddles hanging on the walls, to my table of delights featuring every item for punishment you can imagine, from the Canadian Prison Strap to the selection of long, thick Dragon canes.

It is your choice, contact me by one of the means you see on the website and explore my spanking services in London. See my Twitter feed here.


Your pain, is my excitement.

Miss K Stinger

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