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Spanking Sessions in London

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

I’m a strict Mistress, primed to explore your submissive side. I offer spanking sessions in London for the sophisticated gentleman.

‘One of the hardest "hand spankers" in London’

Is how a client described me recently. That is true. You’ll be over my knee for some time. You will squirm and be breathless; that’s just a hand spanking. I can deliver spanks at a rate that will surprise you. I may even go ‘full-throttle’, which means you are in serious trouble.

Your Pain is My Excitement

I do, so enjoy the sight of your bottom ripening. The red glow, the heat from your cherry red cheeks. Delicious. Spanking sessions are a delight and offer a warm up before the serious application of other implements. When you visit, you’ll see the breadth of my implement collection.

Over the Knee Spanking

There is something so traditional of having a naughty boy otk. You can be a misbehaving nephew, an errant schoolboy or simply a man that knows his place. That place being over the knee of a strict dominant Mistress.

Spanking Role Play

So, what’s it to be boy? Will you visit your strict auntie? Will it be over teacher’s knee? Do you want a spanking session from a governess? Perhaps it’s a spanking session from Matron? Whatever you wish to play I will play the part, as long as you play yours. You will be respectful at all times and take your punishment well.

You may even want to wear ladies’ panties, just ask about your spanking fantasy. We should always be open in what we want. Then both of us will derive greater pleasure from your session over my knee.

Spanking Implements

You’ll find me open minded and open handed. Some of you will need harsher discipline. You will obey. From the hand we may move to the slipper for a more intense spanking. Then there is my range of paddles. Paddles are rather painful. You may not like that pain but it will please me. You know, deep down, you deserve it.

A plimsolling after gym perhaps?

18 Shades of Red

I do like this term. Your bottom will go through many different shades of red. From the pink as we start, through scarlet to the deep cherry red, when the spanks have gone deep into your cheeks. A pretty picture for you to remember as I may make you go and view in my full-length mirror.

Don’t worry, there will be some nice bottom rubs in between the hard hand spanking. I’m not always cruel, sometimes I am nice.

Inside Spanking or Outdoor Spanking

Most spanking punishments are delivered in my highly adaptable chamber. Other times we can have a school type session, with you over a school desk. I can also offer spanking sessions outdoors. I have a secluded garden where several of my clients like to endure a spanking session.

Corporal Punishment All Rounder

It’s not just spanking sessions in London that I offer at my discrete chambers. I also am an expert with the cane. In my collection I also have a range of staps, prison straps and tawses adorn my chamber’s walls alongside riding crops and wooden, rubber and leather paddles.

I am an expert with the cane and, when I have finished using it on you, you will find that your bottom is lined with neat, evenly-spaced stripes.

Other BDSM Services in Barnet

My chambers in Barnet our secluded, offer free parking and is a short distance, walkable from the train station.

What else will I do? I believe in spontaneity. You may have been well spanked; you will be tingling with pain and I will have my excitement. Shall I peg you? Some cock and ball torture? Perhaps little pegs will be applied to your balls during our spanking session? We’ll see what the session holds for you.

Respect Your Mistress

You will respect me in every aspect of our playtime. I am a believer in the matriarchy and that you deserve every aspect of the punishment I will apply for my pleasure.

Contact me today to arrange your spanking session in London. You will be delighted with the results.


Your pain, is my excitement.

Miss K Stinger

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