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Strict Disciplinarian in London

I am Miss K Stinger and I am a notorious, professional and strict disciplinarian in London, Barnet.

What do you understand by the word disciplinarian? What does strict mean to you? Well, I will tell you what it means to me and then you can decide if you wish to visit.

Respect and Discipline

First, all discipline starts with respect for the disciplinarian and all real disciplinarians are strict to the nth degree. That is what you will find in one of my considered corporal punishment sessions. I expect nothing less than total respect at all times along with obedience and a wiliness to endure that which is deemed appropriate to you. That excites me, your pain that is…

Typical CP Sessions

None of my sessions are typical. They are tailored to your needs, desires and fantasies. I may be your office manager, a strict head mistress, your auntie or just a plain disciplinarian administrating your spanking, caning, strapping or paddling. Your limits will always be respected and I will bring out the best in you.

School Desk to Custom Bench

You may need a school scene, have you done your homework? It’s a thorough caning for you then. You may need to be over auntie’s lap for a prolonged and intensive spanking (and I spank very hard), perhaps the plimsoll will feature? A hairbrush perhaps? I have a range of paddles to use while over the knee. I will decide when your bottom is warmed up, red enough for my pleasure. Then I may have you over my beautiful custom bench.

The Cane, Implement of Choice for a True Disciplinarian

Don’t get me wrong, there is such a vast range of implements in my chamber. Each gives a different sensation, a different level of pain. The cane comes to mind for me once your warm up is complete. Perhaps this time I’ll start with a Canadian Prison Strap, just so you get the message and then the cane. There are so many at my disposal as you’ll see when you enter my chambers.

The Dragon Cane is the most famous of canes and for good reason. The sturdiness is practical and when well produced they are rods of beauty. O’ and there’s the sound, that swish you’ll hear, when you are bent over, waiting. Then of course there is the sound of the cane stroke landing on flesh. The result is pretty instant. A Dragon can is dense, the impact going right through you. I have a variety of these Instruments of punishment. Different lengths, different thicknesses and a variety of handles, looks out for the silver topped one!

Of course, you might not be ready for the full Dragon cane so I have lighter more school like canes to build you up to the punishment that will salve your mind, fulfil your fantasy and please me.

To Restrain or Not to Restrain

When you are on my bench you may be strapped down, helpless. This beautiful hand-crafted bench will make you feel safe for what is to come. I will decide if I need to use all the straps. Feet twitch and legs move so perhaps just the straps over the calves and upper thigh, o’ and the one over your back. See? You can’t move. It is better like this sometimes.

It’s Not All Cruelty

No. It really isn’t. A session with me can have pleasure. We’ll get to know each other before commencing. We’ll discuss what you want and if agreeable to me that is what you’ll get, plus some surprises along the way.

I don’t just offer considered corporal punishment; I also offer a variety of BDSM activities at my chambers in Barnet. Just ask

So, if you have the nerve, you may contact your serious and respected disciplinarian by any of the means you see on the site. I look forward to working on you.


Your pain, is my excitement.

Miss K Stinger

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