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A Tawse Mistress in London

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

I am Mistress K Stinger, a tawse mistress in London, one of experience and one who enjoys the use of such a traditional punishment instrument. The tawse or as some spell it taws, is Scottish in origin and can take many forms, a thong, a whip, a belt. I am a devoted Pro Dom in London, one I am sure you will wish to help you make your fantasy become real.

Hands and Buttocks

A tawse was used many on the hands of miscreants. Applying to the buttocks is a skill. For the amateur is should be applied with the submissive lying flat, the ‘tails’ landing in a regular pattern across the bottom. I will, usually have you across my custom-made bench, perhaps strapped down, so you can experience the full force.

Which Tawse for your Punishment?

There are many forms of the tawse, the ultra-traditional Lochgelly Tawse is 21 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. It has two ‘tails’ of 9 inches. The leather usually comes from tanned harness leather. It is the Rolls Royce of the tawse family. The pain you will experience from a Lochgelly Tawse will stay with you for some time.

I have a selection. Along with a variety of straps and belts. I find the shorter tawse easier to use and therefore more accurate to apply to your bottom. I also value a tawse with a handle. You’ll find in my chambers a selection of these short tawses with more than one


Pain and Excitement

You’ll see that I take great excitement from your pain. The tawse is just one implement I use on miscreants like you. Whether it is straight forward corporal punishment or CP and role play, you’ll find different intensities, different sensations, with my choice of tawse.

I have one single tail tawse, quite thin, with a comfortable handle, that I apply and which my clients find excruciating.

The Canadian Prison Strap

These are usually one piece and crafted from fine and thick leather. An alternative to the tawse, these are used for the kinky gentleman who either knows what he needs or someone wanting to work up the scale of pain intensity.

I have a personalised Canadian Prison Strap; you might regret being on the receiving end of this but it is an experience you will never forget.

The School Teacher and the Tawse

I adore roleplay and being the teacher or headmistress. You will find my role play characters intense and unforgiving. So, if you desire a school scenario I will oblige. The tawse on the hands is something you will find difficult. Do you fantasise about the headmistress giving you multiple tawse stings on your bare bottom? Yes. You will enjoy that. It’s what you deserve.

Or perhaps it is auntie doing the tawsing?

Severe, Moderate or Gentle Tawse

The intensity of your tawse session depends on the thickness (weight) of the leather and what I dictate. I do have lighter leather straps for the beginner, a moderate range with multiple ‘tails’ and very heavy instruments for the experienced who have worked up to severe punishment sessions.

Complementary BDSM

The tawse can be part of your punishment or I can provide a full tawsing session. We can blend your session with come cock and ball torture (CBT) or I can take time on working your nipples? Would you enjoy a golden shower, showing your total submission to your mistress?

There are certain BDSM activities I DO NOT participate in and you will find these listed on my FAQ page. I like gifts, especially high-quality stockings and more and more implements for my extensive collection, you’ll find a list of the websites on my Wish List.

A Corporal Punishment Session

There are many, many different implements I can use on your bottom and thighs. Why stop at the tawse? I have a wonderful selection of canes. I’m a big fan of the straight handled Dragon cane. I have a variety of lengths and thicknesses. Yes. I have my favourites. We can use a blend of canes, tawses, floggers, slippers and paddles in your session. Each gives a different sensation, a different intensity and different pleasure for me when I apply each to your submissive bottom.

So, you want to experience the tawse most of all? You will enjoy what I have in store for you. Your limits will be taken into account for you to have the session you have always desired,

Remember, your pain is my excitement.

Miss K Stinger

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