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Corporal Punishment in London

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

I’m a Pro Dom in London and I have been providing corporal punishment in London for a good many years. After all, ‘your pain is my excitement.’ I can take you from a stinging over the knee spanking to the dragon cane (I have many).

Your Limits

I always respect your limits and will take you there over the course of a session. You may be naked, partly clothed or even fully clothed, just as long as you respect the punishment.

Starting with OTK

Is that what you most desire? To be over my generous lap, the spanking growing in intensity? Perhaps you would like me to go ‘full throttle.’ I am renowned as the hardest hand spanker in London. Perhaps the hairbrush, slipper or plimsoll will come into play. I will decide.

Implements Aplenty

When you visit my chamber, you will be surprised by the variety of implements. Have you ever been spanked with a wooden spoon? Very painful and very easy to wield. You’ll be sore but satisfied when I finish.

The Love of Leather Tawses

Tawses come in many forms, the standard Lochgelly Tawse is usually administered after strapping you to my bench. Other multi-tailed tawses are in stock, but I warn you they can be quite severe. Moving on…

The Canadian Prison Strap

A speciality; this strap is feared for good reason. The impact will go right through. But I am not always cruel.

Floggers and Paddles

Such a variety I have! Some are soft and fluffy on one side and hard leather on the other. Which side do you think I will use on you? We’ll see…

Dragon Canes and School Canes

So, you need a proper caning? We can work up through the different school canes to the Dragon canes. I have such a lovely selection, each with a different bite. I do think you will have to be restrained for these.


The beating of the soles of the feet. Very painful. Would you like to try this for a change? I may have to tie your big toes together and make you raise your feet for the cane. One of my many specialities.

Caning Role Play

Who is administering your discipline? I can role play or simply be your Mistress. A Mother? An Aunt, nurse, doctor or boss, you can choose. Your fantasy is my pleasure to provide.

Outdoor Spanking

Do you fantasise about an outdoor spanking session? This can be arranged at certain times. We can have corporeal punishment in my garden, perhaps finish in my study?

Extend Your Fantasy

Anal training, pegging and CBT can also be part of the session. Just ask. As I’ve said, I’m not always cruel, there will be surprises and unexpected delights too…

Flexible Corporal Punishment Appointments

Put an end to your fantasies and experience reality with me. Email, text, or call. I’m not far away and I’ll listen to your needs and make them real.

BDSM Sessions

I offer comprehensive BDSM sessions in London, read more.

Miss K Stinger

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Pete Vonderwell
Pete Vonderwell
09 jun 2022

Sounds amazing. I can't wait

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