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Domination Goddess London

I am Miss K Stinger a Domination Goddess London and a specialist disciplinarian. My methods are many and as severe as you require. I guarantee to take you further in your desire and need to worship and obey. Along the way you will learn that my pleasure comes from servitude, obedience and your pain.


Domination Goddess London NOrth
Humbled by wearing panties and now experiencing my Goddess power

Corporal Punishment Domination Goddess

My speciality is the use of corporal punishment. There are such a variety of ways, of implements and degrees of pain that I know and you will experience as you worship your domination Goddess. Will I have you strip first so you are completely naked and vulnerable?


Perhaps, for my amusement, I will make you wear some very feminine flimsy girl panties. Pretty pink one that your manhood doesn’t quite fit. How humiliating. You will stand to attendion with your hands on your head while I decide what to do with you, what will please me, what will enforce your feeble submission?


I could order you naked and then take you outside. Imagine your naked flesh exposed to the cool air, the cut of the cane across your buttocks more intense. You hop from foot to foot, a little pain dance… how amusing.


But we have serious matters to attend to if you are to prove yourself worthy of even looking up me, Goddess Katharina.


Domination Goddess London Rear Views
Are you sneaking a peak? You know what happens next

The Wardrobe of a Goddess

When you close your eyes and imagine the Goddess what do you see? I know it is important to wear the outfit, or as close as possible, to make your session come alive. Something that compliments my long black hair and sharp cheekbones? A dark satin corset?


My wardrobe is extensive. Have you a need to worship a leather clad beauty? I can wear all leather. I may even let you close enough to inhale the heady organic scent and polish.


A Latex Goddess? Shiny and aloof, towering over you in high heeled boots?


A more traditional outfit. Black lingerie, seamed stockings clipped to a wide suspender belt. Black satin knickers and bra? Gold jewellery around my pale white neck. The click of my high heels coming closer to you, eager to explore your pain threshold.


An outfit that is not so obvious perhaps. An outfit your Mummy or schoolteacher wore? A dark two piece suit with a white blouse and bow. Tan stocking clad legs, you wondering if there is a suspender belt. You wanting to see more, to touch, kiss and stroke your domestic or school Goddess. To show your devotion, your worship and subjection.


A little know in your stomach, your cock twitching I direct you to kiss and lick my black high heels. What more do you need? Well, you have to show you are worthy and accept that your punishment is necessary. A release of endorphins, a buzz you can float on when you leave, wondering when you can return.

Miss K Stinger punishment bench
Prepared for your visit

Slaves Have to be Punished

You will see from my website and my social feeds, especially X (Twitter) that I use a variety of punishments. Devotion is not just a word is it? You need to prove yourself, you dwell on the understanding that you must suffer to prove yourself.


I tighten the last strap. You can barely move. The punishment bench is cool on your skin. You have hope. You may think you can survive without crying out. You’d be wrong. I like to hear my servant in pain. It gives me power.


A first timer can expect a warm up. A spanking (my hand spanking is well known to be the hardest to endure) over my lap, like the vulnerable little boy you are will start your journey to total obedience. A light caning, a junior Dragon cane. Sets of 6, a little break in between. We should get you to a total of 18 very quickly.


18 is never enough in my eyes. I like the slave’s bottom to be stripped red, hot and sore, to act as a reminder of who you belong to.

A punished domestic slave
This is what happens to a domestic slave with poor ironing skills

Slaves have to Submit to Female Power

You can’t move. Your bottom is swelling, dealing with the multiple cane strokes AND the application of the heavy Canadian Prison Strap. Now you will serve my power as I lube your anus and insert a dildo attached to my pegging harness. I use you. I take you deeper into submission. I own you outside and in.


Domination Goddess London Aftercare
You took that well, but you know there is more to come...

Deeper with a Goddess

You will feel the need to submit more, you will have joy in the power you give to me, your Goddess, with your pain. You will return for more experiences you will need to show your servitude as you know that is what you are… my worshipper.

Domination Goddess London

Contact me with a humble explanation of how you can serve me today. Remember...

Your pain is my excitement


Miss K Stinger

Domination Goddess and Disciplinarian


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