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High Heels Mistress in London

What is your preference for your Mistress to wear, boots or shoes? As a professional Domme, I have quite a collection of footwear (along with other fetish wear). If you are looking for a respected High Heels Mistress in London you may contact me. Fair warning, it is not just my footwear that should concern you.

High Heels Mistress in London
A strapped down sissy gets a spanking

BDSM Playtime in North London

The footwear is just a delicious covering, part of what makes my BDSM playtime so desirable. It’s not just the tall shiny black boots that attract you or my high-heeled stilettoes, is it? You wish to be dominated. Something I live for is the domination of submissive men and using all the techniques to inflict pain and humiliation that I have learned over the years.


What I wear

I wear what I like but you can request what is in your fantasy. I am a statuesque lady with a footwear collection to be envied. You make the request and if I have the item like thigh-length boots I will dress accordingly. But this is just icing on the cake, is it not? The nub of what you want is something else…


Leg, Stocking, Feet Worship

I do offer my subs my legs, in stockings or without, along with my feet to worship. You may stroke where I instruct but no wear else. I may allow you to kiss but only if I deem you worthy.


Topless Spanking in London | Miss K Stinger
Sometimes I wear very little

Further Fetish Clothing

High heels and stockings are only part of what you want I would say. We are talking about dressing up in fetish clothing. What do you see in your fantasy, what makes you cum when you masturbate about your Mistress? Is it rubber/latex, is it leather, is it corsets and a Mistress dressed in thin highly feminine clothing? Perhaps the heels are part of a look or uniform? The office manager in a pencil skirt with seamed stockings? A headmistress, a schoolgirl, an auntie, a mummy even a prison guard, I can cater for all. But once dressed as your dream Mistress, what then?


The Punishment

You will note that my reputation is one of the best corporal punishment exponents in London. I would take you over my stocking-clad thighs for a spanking first, a sub should be warmed up first unless you are experienced, you don’t want a cold caning to start, do you?


Humiliating isn’t it? Bent over a woman’s knees, your naked bottom vulnerable and getting redder and hotter as my hand rises and falls. Every so often you may get a chance to look down and glimpse my high heels, but not for long, as you will be trying to stay quiet as my spanking gets more severe, as my hand is exchanged for the slipper, the paddle or the plimsol.


Stand and Obey

You will have chances to see and touch my shoes or boots but not for long. You’ll stand and wait for the next part of your punishment. What will it be, you don’t know and you wonder why you are in my chambers, almost naked with a sore bottom drinking in my feminine power. Most likely you’ll be getting the taste of something more severe, I have to enjoy myself too and caning a sub is my excitement. You are ordered over the bench, perhaps strapped down so no muscle can move.


Now another of your senses will come into play. You hear the tip-tap of my heels crossing the wooden floor of my chambers and you’ll wonder what is in store.


Corporal Punishment in North London | Miss K Stinger
If you can take it, this is the result of my CP skills

Corporal Punishment Levels

I can punish you to your limits, don’t worry about that. You will have seen the bottoms of some of the subs looking red and raw. It is what they wanted. You may have little tolerance for pain or be a newbie, but your limits will be respected.


Tip-tap… tip-tap...


The cane, the strap, the flogger, the whip, the crop, maybe even a carpet beater. How much will you endure? O’, I’m not always cruel, I can use some soothing stoking when you deserve it.


Switch play
If you request a switch session, this will be your view

Switch Play

I also offer to switch, so you can see my lovely bottom and long legs wearing high heels and bent over for your turn to wield an implement of your choice.


Further BDSM Joys

Nipple torture, CBT, wax play, pegging training and golden showers can also be asked for if that is your fancy. Even double domme sessions can be arranged with notice. Just remember this, you will be respectful and obedient at all times.


What is holding you back?


Indulge that fantasy with me and gain the fulfilment you need today.


Miss K Stinger

High Heels Mistress in London


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