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Severe Spanking and Humiliation in London

Did you think spanking was the easy option when visiting a professional Domme? How humiliating is having your trousers and pants pulled down by a strong woman? If you have the desire to find out (time to bring your fantasy to life) then you will find me, Miss K Stinger, a true BDSM exponent, providing the severe spanking and humiliation in London you need.


Severe Spanking and Humiliation in London
A fresh bottom to spank, just what I ordered

Over the Knee Introduction

I provide an exclusive spanking service in north London, Barnet to be precise. I indulge in fantasy, bringing you to stinging reality. Newbies and experienced players can attest to my dedication and spanking ability.


Spanked and Smiling
Miss K started me off with a hand spanking over her lap and over my pants. The spanks grew stronger and were interspersed with stroking. The power shocked me and I was panting and squirming.
Miss K told me she wasn’t even at full-throttle, that she wanted our friendship to grow. She bent down and looked into my face to see if I was smiling. I was. The joy and the pain were acute.


Fluffy Johnny



The over-the-knee introduction is how we usually start. You can request other forms of Corporal Punishment, I may be agreeable, to start. Usually, I will order you to remove your shoes and trousers. Then over my knee and we start your spanking over your pants. The pants will soon be tugged down and we progress to bare bottom spanking.


If you require, I will have you totally naked for your spanking.


Sissy Spanking in London
Mr Fluffy being punished and I'm only just getting started

Spanking Variations

There are more positions than a simple over-the-knee, I might have you in the wheelbarrow position (excellent for a butt plug and some anal play), over a chair or even strapped down on my expensive flogging bench.


Spanking is not just swatting the bare buttocks, on no! I may pay attention to your inner thighs, so soft, so vulnerable. Your flanks can also be brought into play. The use of fingernails and if you are a good boy or good girl some stroking may occur.


Severe spanking in north London
A sight that excites me

Severe Caning

I would not expect you to take a severe or Judicial Caning if you are a newbie or experienced but without practice. No. We would build up to that ultimate CP experience. You will note the variety of canes at my disposal in pictures in other blog posts.


I have some favourites. These are mainly straight-handled Dragon canes, flexible but dense rattan canes get through to miscreants like nothing else. Short canes can be put to good use on the fleshy buttocks or if we are playing a school scene I have traditional crook handled junior school canes.


“Over the Bench”

I will order you over the flogging bench at some point. The bench is designed to separate your legs (your balls and cock will be on delightful display for my other attention), support your trunk an push your buttocks out for your thrashing.


If you are prone to moving around too much, which is exciting for me, then you will be strapped down for the caning. You will find it impossible to move and if you prove to be too noisy I will gag you. Sometimes a blindfold will be used which intensifies the pain and overall experience.


I also have a reputation for super fast caning. A light cane is usually in play with this. You will find it difficult to keep count… but that will lead to further ‘cuts’ of my cane.


Humiliation Domme in London | Miss K Stinger
Strapped down for a severe caning session

Caning Domme or Caning Role Play?

You will have seen pictures on my website or on X of what I wear to administer punishment. My wardrobe is extensive and if you have a request for some role play then I will do my best to oblige. So, your severe spanking and humiliation can be given while I wear stockings and suspenders, high heels/boots or something more domestic. Is Mummy or Auntie punishing you? Then a dress (with stockings and heels) may be most appropriate. A tailored suit for a manager or headmistress, a nurse uniform, a prison guard and a lot more are at my disposal.


BDSM Treats

A session can be more than simple spanking and caning. Pegging with a variety of strap-on devices is also popular. Have a look at my About page or my blog for the other treats I supply.


Switch & Double Domme Options

I also offer switch sessions and along with another Mistress you can be treated to a double domme experience.


Make Your Desires Known

One session is seldom enough. I promise you that you will be hungry for more and wish to explore more and more of your submissive side. I look forward to playing with you and taking you further down the road of total submission and remember…


Your pain, is my excitement


Miss K Stinger

Severe Spanking and Humiliation Domme in London

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