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Specialised Caning Domme | The Joy of Caning

I am Mistress Katharina Stinger, a specialised Caning Domme based in north London. I am in two minds as to which I prefer, hand-spanking or caning errant clients. You know who you are and you know what you deserve. If you are new to the cane we will start you with a warm-up spanking before moving on to the real business. A business that thrills me as I see you squirm and the cane strokes land and result in perfect red stripes.

Specialised Caning Domme
A fairly moderate caning. Note the sub is strapped down

I answer more questions in my Top 10 Caning FAQs at the bottom of the page.


Specialised Caning Domme Experience

You will read more about my skills and services on my website and watch some taster videos. For a broader selection look me up on X (formerly Twitter) for short demonstrations of my BDSM services and my corporal punishment abilities. If you wish, you can visit my profiles on LOYALFANS or CLIPS4SALE for longer videos. Be sure to be on your own and turn up the sound!


Positions for Caning

All you have to do is touch your toes, like school with your housemaster or headmaster ready and able. But I prefer my subs to be in a more stable position. Simple to bend you over a table or chair but better still is to have you benched. My custom punishment bench is a beauty, made for punishing miscreants and stable which helps my accuracy as I land stroke after stroke on your naked buttocks.


The bonus of the bench is you can be strapped down, helpless and breathing a little faster, you will wonder how much you can take. A newbie after a warmup spanking is going to be very nervous and I can tell by the breath becoming shorter and the answers to any questions I may ask and be quite terse.


Other variations can mean you are in the Winchester position, two chairs back-to-back. You kneel on one, legs apart and your cock and balls on full display (what other joys will I bring when you are so vulnerable)? I also have a traditional school desk for those wishing for an authentic experience of their youth. I may have you kneel on the bed in my chambers, a caning like Mummy would give…

The Joy of Caning
A more severe caning experience for a seasoned sub

Attitude for Punishment

I expect you to treat me with total respect at all times. Anything less and you will not be entertained in my chambers. You may feel like being a little cheeky but I will whip that out of you and yes I can make you cry.


You can approach your caning in whatever scenario you wish to play with meekness or stoicism. When ordered you will obey instantly. If I judge it necessary, short and sharp cuts of the cane will be applied to the back of your thighs.


You will address me as Mistress at all times. If I order it you will count the strokes and yes if you lose count there will be extras. I will tell you if I don’t wish you to account.


You will also display good humour and manners. This, along with perfect hygiene is vital.


The Ritual Aspect of Being Caned

Many clients have received corporal punishment in a ritualistic manner. Having to knock on the disciplinarian’s door, requesting punishment, admitting to guilt, the removal and placement of clothing, the position, their duty during punishment not to cry out (or receive double), the aftermath, an apology, contrition and a promise to try harder.


Rituals in CP scenarios can be powerful and highly erotic for some. If you have the need for a ritual element to your punishment then establish this with me during our pre-session chat. I adore role-play. If certain words or phrases excite you then share them with me. Keep this simple, we have time to explore fully in subsequent sessions and I will endeavour to do my best.

A light caning
A light caning on top of slipper and strap application

Choice of Canes

I will choose what I know will be the best cane, or rather, canes for your session. Like any professional in any profession, I have a multitude of ‘tools’ to choose from and know which ones to use for best effect. I have my favourites and I have a cane for every bottom.


We describe canes in various ways and most of them are made from rattan. I do not use artificial canes. From the junior school cane(the traditional crook handle), light and stinging all the way up to the Judicial Dragon cane, each has its own sensation, some more cutting than others while some send a shocking force through the whole body.


The Amount of Cane Strokes

Will always vary. Some, like the ritual count, giving caning sets of 6, 12, 18 and 24. I have one client who gets very excited by me just saying “twenty-four.” I can carry out this formality of numbers if you request but my normal operation is to apply the strokes in different timings. A stroke and a pause, two strokes and a longer pause, 6 rapid, 12 rapid, sometimes I forget to count so you may receive thirteen. How far can I go? I recently, at the client’s request applied 500 strokes. He was very experienced. You won’t be taken that far… yet.


The Joy of Caning

Joy is not always easy to explain. That happiness which I feel is a combination of elements and can vary from day to day. I certainly like to inflict pain as it excites me. I love the ‘swish’ sound of the lighter canes. The sound of the cane landing is another element. A man at my mercy, check. The way the sub squirms and cries out is another pleasure and then the result, thin lines of red weals covering pale white buttocks… delicious. Extra marks for neat tramlines I feel


Cane weals on a sub
A delightful result

Add the Caning Scenario

I can dress in an appropriate manner for your favoured scenario, mummy dress, manager two-piece, naughty cruel nurse, prison guard or pure Domme in fetishistic latex, leather or lingerie, and of course, fully fashioned stockings with high heels.


Other BDSM pleasures can be added to make your session special. Remember that the more you attend the more to explore, the more fantasies to come alive.


Contact me for lessons with the cane today,


Miss K Stinger

Specialised Caning Domme London


My Caning FAQs Top 10


Q: Why do I like to be caned?

A: It could be as simple as endorphin release and endurance but it is usually much more, a combination of mental and psychological satisfaction, a fixation on the disciplinarian, the recreation of the excitement of CP when young or being powerless and wanting to have your ‘guilt’ punished. It is different for all of us. Being caned means someone cares about you and you are worthy of this special ‘attention.’ Some clients just feel pain, the sharp pain followed by the heat which can give a buzz for hours after.


Q: Why do I feel great excitement when being caned?

A: Anticipation of whether you can endure such an exercise can be tied up with the power of submission to a greater power, the power of women that you may fear but crave. Undressing in front of a Mistress, being vulnerable and having trust is another factor.


It is a shared, highly personal experience with another human being and if you receive it in a certain scenario it is like acting in a play, you are detached yet experiencing an intensity few would dare to attend.


Q: Why do women enjoy caning bare-bottomed men?

A: Inflicting pain on men is very exciting. The power to punish, the sense of purpose and knowing you are in charge is heady stuff, and quite addictive.


Q: Why do I have a desire to be caned?

A: This is easy to answer for those who feel profound guilt. For others, it is a purely physical experience based on the ‘buzz’ releasing endorphins. Others take pleasure from their fetish, punished for wearing panties, a strong woman in leather, and a secret unsaid desire to have intimacy with a relative. Some feel the need to be punished for their laziness or eating habits.


Q: What is a Judicial Caning?

A: Originally a caning dictated by the state or institution. Now, in BDSM circles it refers to the most severe of caning sessions. This is most likely to stem from the Singapore judiciary who sentence miscreants to be beaten with an extra thick, extra-long cane. Look it up. The offender is strapped to an A-frame and full force is given.


Q: What is a double domme session?

A: Like a tag team a double domme means one domm can be in play with the other domme observing and commenting. So, the punishment never flags. This can be combined with a switch session whereby you get to punish them.


Q: Do you offer corporal punishment in London?

A: I offer the full range of Corporal Punishment in London, not just the cane but any implement you can think of (apart from synthetic canes) including the slipper, the belt, the Tawse, prison belts, birch (with advance notice and for an added fee) sjambok and floggers. Even hair brushes, wooden spoons and paddles, not to mention the carpet beaters.


Q: How strict is a caning session, does it vary?

A: All discipline sessions are carried out in a strict manner but the application of the implemented is judged according to your experience and thresholds.


Q: How painful is a caning on the bare bottom?

A: caning of the bare bottom is painful. A cold caning, whereby you are not spanked first as a warm-up is the most painful. The impact on a sensitive area is going to result in pain, stinging and shock. Other factors depend on the force applied, the implement’s surface area, your body and your physical condition, if you have played a sport you will be able to cope better than those who have not. Another factor is being caned outside, cold air does deepen the pain.


Q: How badly does a cane mark the skin?

A: From light marks that fade in a couple of days to deep weals, blood can be spilt and bruising caused. You can request a lighter caning, be punished over clothing and apply Arnica or Witch Hazel

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