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Whip and Birch Mistress in London

My clients each have a different picture of what their CP session will entail. Whipping can take many forms, some are thinking of a bullwhip (which I don’t have the room for), a buggy whip or perhaps a dressage whip. Birching is much more straightforward, isn’t it? You can be sure that I will carry out your punishment as a Domme of experience and you will find me the exclusive Whip and Birch Mistress in London.

Whip and Birch Mistress in London | Miss K Stinger
One of my regular subs after a warm up spanking and a taste of the whip and flogger

You are Required

To attend my chambers on time, be thoroughly clean and at all times to show respect to your punishment Mistress. If you have a sense of humour all the better as what you will be doing will be fun. Fun and also painful as you show me your submission and your need to give me your pain for my excitement. Respect for your Mistress is all and any lapse will result in a higher grade of pain.


Whip Mistress

I tend to use a variety of implements in a session. The whip, with its thin leather tongue, is a very sharp pain that not all can endure. If you have a particular type of whip in mind then ask and if I am not in possession of it you can supply it for your session. I will apply it to your naked buttocks and your back. Your punishment will be interspersed with my ‘kind attention’.


Birch Mistress

Note that a proper birch will have to be made and this will incur an extra fee and need advanced notice. The birch is only applied during an outdoor session due to the twigs breaking off and littering the floor of my chambers.


Whip and Birch Mistress in London Implements
A small selection of my implements. I will choose what is right for your punishment

Your Attitude and Posture

You will stand at attention when you talk to me and only talk when you are asked. I prefer you to be completely naked for your Whip and Birch Mistress, if this is not agreeable I may allow some form of covering. Naked and vulnerable I may take pity on you and warm you up with a spanking over my womanly lap, you may even feel the bumps of my suspenders on your naked loins and thighs.


The Flogging Bench

This is the centrepiece of my chambers. It was made exclusively for me with the highest quality of materials. You will note the multiple straps which can be supplemented with bondage rope. Tightly strapped down there will be no room to move out of the way of my whips. I may also supplement this with you wearing a hood and a ball gag.


Are you imagining yourself in this position? Helpless, wondering if you will survive the whipping? Do not worry. I can judge your condition and ability to take your punishment… but I may take you further along the path of joyful pain.


Whip Mistress London | Miss K Stinger
Getting up close and highly personal with a well secured sissy slut

Sissy Sluts

I don’t judge. Sissies are very welcome as I have a fondness for maleness in panties and stockings. You will receive the same level of pain.


Other CP Implements

You will note the extraordinary amount of other implements I have. Each will give you a different form of pain from the humble domestic slipper to the reformatory Dragon canes. Along the way are prison straps and tawses, paddles, leather and wood, not to mention the wooden spoons and rulers, and finally, the carpet beaters.


We can play mix and match, eh?


Supplementary BDSM

We can supplement your whipping or birching with some other things I enjoy playing with. The pinwheel, the nipple clamps, the pegs on your ball sack or even some anal play. The anal plug if you are a virgin can be brought into play or we can go the whole way and I don my strap-on and peg you. I enjoy pegging my subs very much, it shows I dominate and you submit totally.


Birching Mistress London
A well disciplined sub... but I am not finished yet

Role Play Whipping and Birching

Another level you might wish to indulge in is some role play, which I also adore. Who would you like to give you the whip or the birch? Is it a traditional nanny/governess or a headmistress, perhaps a prison scenario or even your strict Mother or Aunt?


Perhaps a double Domme session (requires notice and an extra fee)?


There’s no harm in asking for a particular role play. If it doesn’t appeal I will say no (but that’s rare as I have a deep kinkiness).


Have a Read

You will find many blog posts on my services, likes and experience so have a look around. A few videos are included along with an FAQ and some impressive testimonials.


You can buy extensive clips on Clips4Sale and LoyalFans or visit my X (Twitter) feed for tasters of my sessions.


Why are you waiting? It’s what you want.


Contact me today for your fantasy to come to life.


Miss K Stinger

Whip and Birch Mistress in London

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