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Corporal Punishment Mistress, aka Impact Play

I am Miss K Stinger, a Corporal Punishment Mistress in London. Some like to refer to this activity as impact play sessions. Each to his own. I believe it depends on your excitement ‘triggers’, the right words at the right time will create ecstasy. Details are vital in my world. I prefer the overall term of corporal punishment which includes spanking and caning.

Corporal Punishment Mistress London, Miss K Stinger

Corporal Punishment Mistress

My clients adore having a Corporal Punishment Mistress who knows how far to push them (and knows how far the session can go). I have a reputation as the hardest hand-spanker in London, see my Mistress Testimonials page. I love a client over my lap. Spanking with one hand then two, meeting the fleshy buttocks of a ‘naughty boy’ is a delightful experience for me. From the sound and communication with that client to having them squirm over my stocking-clad lap.

Corporal Punishment Bench

Plimsols & Slippers, Straps and Paddles

You won’t escape with a mere hand-spanking. We will build on that warm up and I will make a choice from the extensive spanking implements on the table next to me. Some may be used on the back of your thighs, to make sure you understand my domination and that you are humble in your submission. I have a special slipper, it is quite small but my bad boys tell me that it stings to heaven. Short straps can be used over the knee but this position lends itself to paddles. A leather paddle makes a loud noise and will teach a lesson. But if I wish to make an impression on your bottom and thighs I will use a wooden paddle. I also have a wood ruler that is also a stinger.

A Sub Takes a Caning

Heavy Prison Strap Punishments

You will note my collection when you enter my chambers contains a variety of straps, Simple strops and belts, plus the almighty Canadian Prison Strap. You will be secured to my custom bench for this treat.


Your pain is my excitement

Corporal Punishment and Excitement Triggers

Impact play could mean several things while corporal punishment means many things. What triggers your desire to be punished by a strict Mistress? A spanking? Over Auntie or Mummy’s lap? A flogging? An older term for CP. I have many floggers, rubber and leather. A caning? “I am going to cane you. You know you deserve it.” Will you be over a chair? Over two chairs in the Winchester position? Touching your toes? More than likely you will be over a school desk for a rapid-fire caning or strapped to my bench.

Tell me which words trigger your fantasy (and the reality of a visit to Miss K Stinger) and we will use them in a session. Imagine. Your fantasy comes true, with actions and words.

A Well Caned Bottom

Judicial Corporal Punishment

A birching can be arranged (a birch requires some preparation) with some notice. A classic punishment, sometimes cutting the flesh. Usually, a birching is for seasoned players.

The Sjambok is a heavy-duty instrument. Made from adult hippopotamus hide, the intensity is something you will not forget.

Judicial canes like the Dragon cane can also be used for a full and intense corporal punishment session.

I would build you up to the intensity of judicial punishment. A cold caning is troublesome for many.

Outdoor Punishment

I offer CP sessions in my private garden. There’s something more painful when your flesh is cold. Mind you a cool breeze may be welcome at some point…

BDSM Variety with CP

Corporal Punishment is usually at the core of a BDSM session. We can supplement the beatings with other activities or use role play to heighten your pleasure.

What else will we do in your dream session? Bondage perhaps? A humbler? Needles and clamps used on your cock and balls? Fancy a golden shower? Are you one for sissification, how humbling is that, dressed as my sissy slut, punished and shown your place? Pegging is something I love to do as it shows me you understand total submission. Both external and internal. I can go deep and stretch you for a variety of dildos.

Contact me, tell me your triggers and I will provide the time and space for your desires to be made real.

Miss K Stinger

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