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Female Sub Spanking in London

I am a popular and respected professional Mistress. My success and rapport with my regular clients have several reasons, one of which is that I can act as a sub. I offer switch sessions in my discrete chambers in north London. Therefore, if you are looking for a female sub-spanking in London you can contact me. We can play, we can switch, we can expand your fantasies.


Female Sub Spanking in London | Miss K Stinger
My red bottom, ready for the cane.

Corporal Punishment Lady Sub

I am only a will sub for corporal punishment and no other BDSM activities. There are boundaries, which I will impart before our session commences. You will not cross these boundaries.


Role Play including Schoolgirl Spanking

You will see my bottom in my pictures on this website. I’ve had many compliments on how shapely and deserving of spanking my bottom is.


I do love roleplay and playing a naughty schoolgirl is one of my favourites. Which would you prefer, white cotton knickers and knee-high socks or perhaps the short skirt with navy blue schoolgirl knickers, complimented with a suspender belt and black stockings?


Switch sessions London with Miss K Stinger
Do you like your schoolgirl in regulation navy blue school knickers?

Will you admonish me first before ordering me over your lap? Will it be spanking over my short skirt first? Take your time and then pull up the skirt and administer more spanking over my knickers. I suppose you’ll want to take your time. Just looking at my round bottom before pulling them down my thighs and continuing my punishment.


Would you like me bent over a school chair or desk? I have a traditional school desk, just to add to the atmosphere, perhaps it is real punishment and I am bent over my caning bench. My bottom sticking out, and my quim covered by flimsy panties (non-regulation panties deserve the cane).


Spank a professional sub woman in London
I take an OTK spanking in some of my favourite lingerie.

If you are familiar with spanking magazines of the 70s to the 90s have a peek at the covers in this post ‘Spanking Magazine Nostalgia’. Do you remember the positions schoolgirls had to adopt for their punishments?


Is it some other role play you would look forward to making real? Dressed up as your secretary? A naughty nurse reporting to a strict doctor? I have an extensive wardrobe and experience in playing many different roles, contact me today and ask.

Sub and Switch Spanking in London
Ready for a spanking in my vest and knickers.

Fetish Play with a Sub

Rubber is very popular and so is leather. I have plenty of both or is it gloves? High heeled boots, stilettos? I can cover many fetishes for the pleasure the experience will bring you. Have a look through my website and my blog in particular for some of the fetishes I indulge and I’m always ready to listen and indulge more.


Contact me for female sub-spanking in London. Remember if it is a switch session, the tables will turn. You have been warned.

Miss K Stinger


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