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Spanking Magazine Nostalgia

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Although I’ve heard of Janus, perhaps the best-known of all spanking magazines I was curious to find out more about that world of spanking magazines. Alas, the Janus shop in Soho no longer exists but what other spanking titles did you enjoy? I have directed my sub, Mr Fluffy’ to write his recollections of those pre-Internet times.

Spanking Magazine Nostalgia

Discovering Janus Magazines

Thank you, Mistress.

I first came across the Janus magazine in a newsagent in old Hemel Hempstead. I glanced at the top shelf magazines and swore I saw a man holding a cane and a pretty schoolgirl. I trembled with excitement and overcame my nerves and bought that copy. It was the one set in a stable, a schoolgirl is having her breasts kissed by a girl in a riding kit. Very exciting until the uncle arrives and punishes both of them.

Hooked on Spanking Magazines

Before long I was amassing a collection of Janus magazines and the second one I enjoyed which was Roue. The photography, the models, the stories and the reader letters all combined to give me prolonged bouts of masturbation in my bedroom

The Janus Shop

I had to have more of these magazines. I saved up and took the train to Euston and the tube to Leister Square, a short walk from the shop on Old Compton Street. It was a dimly lit place, shelves of magazines, some short, ineffective, canes hanging from a rope at the counter. Radio 2 played. I took my time and selected quite a few of the Janus titles and Roue. I left with twenty-six magazines which kept me happy for some time!

Blushes Spanking Magazine Example

What I Enjoyed

I’m a sub. Although I like the idea of spanking pretty women and I love panties I always identified with the girl being punished. Having my panties pulled down, OTK, spanked, caned and then other implements.

The Privilege Club

Janus advertised the Privilege Club as a contact magazine. Before long I was making contact with men that were happy to punish me. No women in those days. It was a long drawn-out process, writing letters, not like now, where, the Internet makes contact for M/M spanking very easy, check out if you fancy that.

Obey Magazine

I think this was printed by the same people as Janus and this magazine was dedicated to Fem Dom. I think less time was spent on the creative (sometimes the model was meant to be a man, yet they used a girl). I enjoyed it though and it set me on course for a life of kink. Having a Mistress like Miss K Stinger has made my dreams real.

Spanking Magazine, Janus, Example

The Janus Magazine Cover

I always enjoyed the cover of the magazine, sometimes it was overt and sometimes subtle. I particularly like the one you can see in this post. The girl in a white vest and knickers is a teacher who has been regressed by the headmaster to schoolgirl for an OTK spanking followed by the cane. There’s a lovely shot of the headmaster, who is seated, pulling the teacher’s schoolgirl knickers down. I wanted to be that girl. Recently I relived this fantasy with Mistress Stinger, she put me into white panties with lovely lace edging for a long, painful and life-affirming session that resulted in some broken skin on my bottom.

Other Spanking Magazines

Blushes and Blushes Uniform Girls were firm favourites, the models, the photography and the scenarios were perfect. A short-lived magazine called Martinet was pretty good. I wasn’t a fan of the US titles like Swish, not enough fetish stuff that we enjoy in Europe. Kane was another I enjoyed very much and Phoenix has lots of good spanking images. I believe I had a copy of Justice too, another great nostalgic spanking mag. Whispers from the House of Blushes was superb. Privilege was, I believe from Janus and a contact magazine as well as pure spanking. It was through Privilege that I met my first dom for a spanking and caning.

The spanking magazine that got away was London Life. I've seen many references to this mag. It appears to predate Janus etc. I would love to have a copy.

Roue, a Favourite Spanking Magazine

Martinet a Spanking Magazine

Kane had some wonderful caning and spanking photo stories

Phoenix, another magazine I remember

Loved this model in Justice and I think in Blushes

Februs Spanking Stories Magazine

Fessee Spanking Magazine

Whispers from The House of Blushes Spanking Mag

Swish a USA Spanking Magazine

Derriere Spanking Magazine from the 80s

Privilege Club Spanking Contacts

London Life Spanking Magazine

Twitter for Spanking Magazines

You can still buy these titles, sometimes available on Amazon or eBay, quite expensive these days. I would recommend you use Twitter and follow a fan of these magazines, white ankle socks. You can also look out Janus Worldwide for a selection of magazines in PDF formats or have a look on Amazon and on ebay.

The other option is to recreate those days with Miss K Stinger, London Mistress, she understands the fantasy and makes it come alive.

Fluffy Johnny

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