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Leather Mistress with Rubber Overtones

An interesting phrase is it not? I am Miss K Stinger a Leather Mistress with an understanding of fetish including the wearing of rubber. Most clients of mine have a clothing fetish. I am happy to oblige as I understand the appeal of different materials.

Leather Mistress London | Miss K Stinger

London Leather Mistress

I am an experienced Leather Mistress based in north London. My wardrobe is oozing with leather, rubber and many, many sets of lingerie. If you wish me to wear particular leather for our session, let me know. You can purchase particular items once you have made contact and I have supplied my measurements.

A simple pair of leather gloves can do wonders. Spanked and stroked over my knee perhaps? You can kneel and kiss the hem of my leather skirt, well, if I wish it.

Leather feels delightful on the skin, does it not? Colour may play some part in the pleasure but for most of us it is the feel and the smell. O’, there is another aspect I enjoy. The sound of a leather Canadian Prison Strap on your naked buttocks will be a thrill.

There is also the delight of putting you across my bench and using the black leather straps to restrain your struggles. Yes. You will struggle under the harsh impact of the leather strap and the cutting sensation of my Dragon canes. My bench is built for comfort. The irony being you will feel comfortable as you are beaten till your bottom is hot red and throbbing.

The bench allows me to strap you down with leather over your upper back, your lower back, your calves, your upper thighs and of course your wrists. The bench is even equipped with leather mittens, your hands encased knowing there really is no escape from my mercy.

Rubber Mistress London

Lingerie Lover

Do you like the combination of leather worn with highly feminine lingerie? I have many items that contrast well with leatherwear, lace body suits work well with leather. Then there is something simpler, the boss or headmistress dressed primly but the skirt is leather or the top rubber. That juxtaposition is thrilling for many.

The Power of Uniforms

I wear a military outfit and you are my prisoner. I toy with you and abuse your status, purely for my pleasure. How about a switch session? I make a very sexy schoolgirl. Perhaps you would like to punish me, over your knee or on the bench for a caning? What if the status was reversed? I, as a schoolgirl, know something about you which gives me the power to punish you. Fancy that? A schoolgirl in the perfect uniform delivers punishment.

BDSM Mistress

The fetish wear is one aspect, it is the dressing up that gives us release and permission to play. What play do you want? A powerful Mistress cane in hand, a leather-wearing Amazon wielding a flogger, a nurse with a paddle and a selection of needles that are slowly inserted in your ball-sack?

Rubber Mistress Wraps Sub

Contact me for fantasy control.

I assure you that leather or whatever your kink will be explored to the fullest for your pleasure. My pleasure will be being in control and inflicting pain, which is my true excitement.

Miss K Stinger

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