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Spanking Magazines

I know from my subs that spanking magazines set many on the need to recreate spanking and caning scenes. The joy of taking a Janus, Blushes or Roue down from the top shelf. The nervousness of putting on the counter and the hurried exit.


Spanking magazines
Blushes spanking magazine, a girl ready for punishment

I’ve ordered one of my subs, who grew up with top-shelf spanking magazines, to inform my blog post; about how the mags helped fuel his fantasies and how that led to the reality of contacting me and arranging real-life corporal punishment from a strict disciplinarian in London.


Spankee or Spanker?

For many men who loved (and still do) these fetish magazines they wanted to spank pert women, the schoolgirl with her navy blue knickers tugged down to her knees and over your lap. Others like my Mr Fluffy identified with the girl and came to crave sound spanking, the school cane, the Scottish Tawse, the slipper and ending up in the corner with a hot and well-stripped bottom.


I am a switch therefore I offer myself (as a schoolgirl etc.) for your spanking pleasure and in my other guise I am the Domme you’ve always desired.


The English Vice, Spanking for Men

From the 1970s up until the Internet arrived the market was awash with a variety of spanking magazines like the great Janus and Roue. Joined a bit later by Blushes, Uniform Girls and more. Minor spanking mags like Phoenix, Swish and Swat also arrived.


Janus Punishment Ballet
Three girls about to be punished


Original Janus magazines are available online along with downloadable versions. Mr Fluffy had quite a collection and remembers various scenes like the ballet class and the stables where a female horse rider and schoolgirl are interrupted enjoying one another’s feminine bounty and are soundly thrashed.


Here’s a post I wrote in respect of Janus: Janus Corporal Punishment Magazine


Mr Fluffy doesn’t remember a magazine called London Life, which he thinks predated Janus. There was a Janus shop in Soho he visited and stocked up with multiple mags.



This mag went through some changes over the years but the stories were usually schoolgirl-focused with a mix of B&W and colour photography.


Uniform Girls from the House of Blushes
The perky Salvation Army girl

Blushes & Uniform Girls

Came along later, perhaps in the 80s and was packed with high-quality colour photography. Delightful models posed with their knickers down or off and you would see glorious red bottoms and bottoms criss-crossed with cane weals. Uniform Girls was a spinoff and covered every type of uniform. Schoolgirls were always included but you also had women in Army dress uniforms, nurses with the old style uniform, traffic wardens in black panties and suspenders, choir girls and even Salvation Army types bent over the desk for the cane, no panties by wearing suspender belts with natural look seamed stockings.


Blushes the spanking magazine of the 80s
Ready to go over the knee

Magazine to Reality

Mr Fluffy is quite nostalgic about these magazines, he’s written another post here, Spanking Magazine Nostalgia. He loves this story of the school teacher regressed to a school girl in sensible white high-waisted knickers and a vest. He enjoyed this so much and wanted to be that girl that we recreated the look and feel. He wore the same outfit for a session with me which included knickers pulled down over my knee for a hand and slipper spanking and bent over for the cane. Mr Fluffy was stripped just like the girl.


I enjoyed turning this fantasy for my sub into reality. What I enjoyed most of all were his squirming bottom made pink and the moans of pain. I didn’t manage to make him cry but I will the next time.


What is your fantasy? How badly are you punished? What is your playmate wearing? Tell me and I will recreate your fantasy. Imagine leaving my chambers fulfilled and with a sore bottom.

'I've fulfilled my spanking fantasies many times over and now with the support of the wonderful Miss Stinger I am exploring even more BDSM pleasures.'

Mr Fluffy


BDSM Future

Once you enjoy your pain I can train you to take more and more. The intensity of a professional Domme will lead you to further pleasures. Do read more on my blog and decide what further pleasures you would like to try.


I take great care with my newbies,


Miss K Stinger

London Dominatrix

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