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Janus Corporal Punishment Magazine

It amazes me how many of my gentlemen reference the Janus Corporal Punishment Magazine. It’s not just those clients who wish to spank me in a switch session but also those who discovered a masochistic element to their character and identified with the girls with their panties around their knees, bottoms red and deliciously striped with cane weals.


Janus Corporal Punishment Magazine
Who do you identify with?

The Ultimate Corporal Punishment Magazine

Talking to my sub, Mr Fluffy, he remembers Janus as the first spanking magazine he bought and imagines himself on the receiving end of prolonged corporal punishment. There were lots of these magazines before the Internet. Mr Fluffy enjoyed Janus, Roue, Blushes and Uniform Girls. You can read about his Spanking Magazine Nostalgia here.


Janus Corporal Punishment Magazine Cover Two
How would you punish her?

School Girls with Red Bottoms

There is a certain innocence in Janus and it became a pillar of the spanking community. It offered correspondence specials and a spanking club with personal ads called Privilege. The fact is some girls love to be spanked and receive a dose of the cane. We also like to dress up. A mature woman, who knows this is only play and she will submit to an OTK spanking or the tawse is exciting. I offer switch sessions and can dress for many roles, schoolgirl being a common request and you get to choose if I wear white cotton knickers or the traditional navy blue schoolgirl knickers. Spank me till my bottom is hot but remember if this is a switch session I will return the favour with interest.


Janus Corporal Punishment Magazine Cover Three
Janus featured some wonderful character photograpy

Subs Identify with Their Innocence

When I chat with Mr Fluffy his eyes light up at any mention of the Janus magazine. He remembers the first cover he saw on the top shelf of a newsagent in Hemel Hempstead. He told me he was weak at the knees and he soon became an addict. Mr Fluffy would save up and visit the (now sadly defunct) Janus shop in Soho. Here he would buy 10 – 20 magazines at a time. Mostly Janus but Roue was popular and Swish had some good pictures.


His favourite story is of the junior teacher who gets into trouble. A grumpy Headmaster makes her change into a white vest and high-waisted white knickers. She received a hand spanking, a hairbrush spanking and finally the cave. You can see the cover if you use the link above for Spanking Magazine Nostalgia.


Does This Explain Cross Dressers?

There are many reasons men like to wear female attire, especially lingerie but I am sure if there is a spark of submission in a young man then the idea of being dressed only in woman’s panties and stockings is a thrill, whether being disciplined by a man or by a woman.


You can indulge that love of wearing panties in my chambers. A whole session with you dressed as a girl, vulnerable, multiple implements used on your bottom. But we usually start ‘girls’ with a prolonged spanking over my knee (I am known for the severity of my spankings). I may let you keep your panties on for the start but at some point, I am going to pull them down and deliver punishment to your bottom until you squirm and are short of breath.


Janus Corporal Punishment Magazine Cover Four
Waiting is a part of proper discipline

Role Play Spanking and Caning

I delight in the use of my hand spanking and my canes. I can deliver these punishments straight as the Domme of your Dreams or I can act the part in the fantasy you always wanted to create. Remember the more you play in a session like this the more intense and the more satisfying it becomes.


What would you like to endure with me? The stocking-clad Mistress? Perhaps the authoritative Head Mistress? Could it be a domestic spanking? Does Mummy or Auntie or both (I can arrange double domme sessions with some notice) take your trousers and pants down for her hand, hairbrush or slipper?


The result will always be the most satisfying of corporal punishment sessions for you and for me.


Innocence Meets BDSM

Simple spankings can lead to other pleasures. The cane can be a gateway to more intense pain. From nipple clamps to pegs on your sensitive genitals. What else are you willing to explore with me?


Janus magazines can still be bought (digital versions). Just Google Janus Worldwide.


Make an Appointment

Contact me and welcome in corporal punishment reality to replace the fantasy. We can work at providing the most fulfilling punishment sessions you deserve.


Miss K Stinger

London Domantrix

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