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You Create Your Own Pain

Remember that fact when you visit my chambers. The reason you will visit is to create your own pain. I’m the person that will make sure you will receive that pain. I am Miss K Stinger a talented BDSM Mistress in London.

Mistress K Stinger North London Dom

Make Up Your Mind and Live

You may have had a fantasy about being dealt with by a Mistress. Now is the time to stir yourself and bring that fantasy to fruition. Without going through with the fantasy you will always be empty and wondering ‘What if?’

I promise you that reality is by far superior to the dreams and hopes you dwell on.

All you have to remember is to respect your Mistress, be clean and be polite.

We will chat beforehand and establish the moments you seek. A BDSM session is made up of exquisite moments. The moment you enter the chamber, stripping in front of me, the first bite of the cane and so much more. Contact me after you have read my FAQs and my Mistress Testimonials. They will convince you to arrive at my door.

So Many Kinks, so Little Time

Which are the moments you wish to feel? Is it Mummy spanking you over her knee? Kneeling in worship? Being encased in rubber? Needles inserted into your genitals?

Role play is very popular and I have experienced many scenarios. My experience as a headmistress will take you back to school, only in this school, the cane, the tawse, the plimsol is applied to the bare bottom. I will bend you over a school desk and see how many strokes of my favourite cane you can endure.

Sissification Mistress Barnet London


Do you wish to dress as a girl? Soft lingerie clinging to your figure. Stocking-clad legs being rubbed between spanks over my knee. Most sissies are sluts, therefore they have to put over the bench for a pegging. Deep and severe. The strap over your lower back gives me purchase so the thrusts can be deep. Don’t worry, plenty of lube is in order for sluts like you.

Cock and Ball Torture Mistress

The Needle Mistress

Perhaps you wish to visit my surgery? Needles are delightful. I will pierce your cock and balls and then start the ‘real’ punishment, the use of the cane will drive home your submission and mix with the pain of the needles to take your pleasure higher.

Mistress Controls

I control everything in my chambers or if I fancy in my private garden. Have you ever been stripped outside and caned? It is quite a delight to feel the fresh air on your skin. That air also heightens the pain sensation.

I decide what I wear but you can make a request. I adore wearing stockings, especially black seamed pairs, I may ask you to check that they are straight and yes you will get to touch my well-shaped legs. Do see my Mistress Wish List for ideas.

Caning Mistress London

Caning and Spanking Mistress

The application of corporal punishment is my speciality and a pleasure that always excites me. When you enter my chambers, you will view the variety of implements. The vases with forests of canes blooming, the slippers and paddles laid out neatly and the floggers, straps and paddles hanging from the walls. Now, which am I going to use on your submissive flesh?

Create your own pain with me,

Miss K Stinger

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