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Best Spanking Positions

How many different spanking positions have you been put in? Each position provides a different type of humiliation and sensation. Of course, different implements come into play. So, when you think about your spanking what comes to mind? The traditional hand-spanking, the slipper, the paddle, or some other implement. I am Miss K Stinger a BDSM Mistress in Barnet London and in easy reach of Hertfordshire.


Spanking positions
Pants are pulled down so I can punish your bare bottom

  • Over the Knee Spanking

  • The Wheelbarrow Position

  • The Bed

  • The Armchair (and Winchester Position)

  • Standing Punishment

  • Touch your Toes

  • Punishment Bench (or frame or suspension)

  • On your Back (aka as ‘the diaper position in the USA)


Over the Knee Spanking

The most traditional of positions. The naughty child over a parent's knee. It could also be your stern (but pretty) auntie who wants to teach you respect for yourself or has found you playing with yourself or in her knicker draw.


Placed over a warm womanly lap is quite a delight for a boy. His cock, especially when naked, will become engorged and rub over her skirt or stockings. Some boys lose all control over my lap, perhaps I will make you lick up the consequences.


An over-the-knee spanking is used as a warm-up before sterner discipline like the cane or Tawse. BUT! A hand-spanking can be intensely painful, especially if the spanks are aimed at the back of your legs or your flanks. Stinging in a word. No matter your complaint it will be on the bare. We can mix it up (depending on how I feel) with the slipper or a paddle. You will squirm and be short of breath as the spanks quicken and grow in force. You will find out my reputation as the hardest hand-spanker in London was earned.

Spanking positions with Miss K Stinger
Sometimes I have to employ the leg lock for severe spankings

The Wheelbarrow Position

Even more humiliating it gives me access not just to the cheeks of your bottom but also your cock and balls, not to mention your anus. An ideal position for those wanting anal play. I decide on how thick the dildo will be and add lube. We can see how far you can be stressed. A good start in preparation for me donning my strap-on and pegging you; I’m in charge.


The Bed

Flat on the bed is not ideal for a spanking. It is a better position for laying on the traditional Scottish Tawse or a Canadian Prison Strap. No. The better position on the bed is on your knees, fully naked and vulnerable, head down. You feel small and deep down you know what this is for and why you will endure. Your bottom is bright red and hot before bedtime.


Kneeling spanking position
Getting him ready for more BDSM delights

The Armchair (and Winchester Position)

Kneeling on an armchair, pants and trousers round your ankles means less ability to squirm and obtain a little pain relief. A bit like the old days when the housemaster or headmistress would get you to kneel up. A good height to present your buttocks, not just for the hand or slipper but also for a senior Dragon cane.


The Winchester Position is two chairs back-to-back. Pants and trousers down you kneel on one and grab the seat of the other. Humiliating and named after the practice at Winchester Public School. I enjoy spanking a sub in this position, AFTER, a few sets of cane strokes. It puts the point across, especially if the spanks land on the back of your thighs.


Standing Punishment

You are allowed to lean on a wall. The buttocks are more relaxed and will absorb more of the blows. You will struggle but to no avail. You will take a full punishment.


Touch your Toes

Similar to the standing punishment the skin on your buttocks is taught and you have to manage without any support of any kind. A humiliating position I use for the most naughty of subs. You have to learn.


Punishment Bench (or frame or suspension)

I do have a punishment bench (but not a frame or suspension apparatus). The bench is comfortable and I can have you stand and bend over it sideways. Maybe I’ve made you wear pretty girl panties for an extra twist. Again, this is another good position for all manner of implements. You will feel small and vulnerable.


Full compliance over the bench and strapped down. Straps across your back, around your calves and upper thighs. No escape. Spank after spank descend and you get hotter and hotter. No wriggle room. Options include a gag, if you are noisy (and a soap bar can also be used), combined with a blindfold all your senses will focus and the pain will become more intense.


Standing spanking position
I also spank naughty girls

On your Back (aka ‘the diaper position in the USA)

Naked. I hold your legs up or order you to do so. Perhaps the most humiliating of positions. I find it easier to use a short paddle when the sub is in this position.


This is an overview of spanking positions. There are others, kneeling at my feet for instance. This post is to show the breadth of my spanking experience. The more sessions you have with me, the more positions you will experience.


BDSM Additions

Spankings can turn into a caning and other BDSM additions like the use of nipple or ball clamps, even nettles (with some notice). Look over my website and see what you would like your spanking combined with, leg worship being another option


Book a session today and live your fantasies with an experienced and caring Domme.


Miss K Stinger

Spanking Mistress London

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