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Corporal Punishment and Role Play Mistress

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

I specialise in the use of corporal punishment for the deserving. A CP session can be even more exciting when role play is involved. What’s it to be? Over Auntie’s knee for a bare-bottom spanking? The schoolboy of his desk for a caning or perhaps secured to a punishment bench for a judicial thrashing from a prison guard. You get to decide.

Corporal Punishment and Role Play Mistress
Meet Your Corporal Punishment Mistress

Miss K Stinger, Corporal Punishment Mistress Expert Level

The walls of my private chambers are lined with many CP implements, each with a unique ‘sting’. When you visit, you will most certainly gasp at the range on the walls and on the tables. I practice my art, and yes, it is an art as well as a vocation, almost every day. My aim is clear and my knowledge is professionally based. Think clearly before you book a CP session.

Corporal Punishment Sessions

If you are a newbie, I will sit you down and we will chat about what is going to happen to you. Your limits will be taken into account and I will evaluate how much punishment you are able to sustain. A spanking Mistress is what I usually start with for a new client. My hand spanking is known to be the hardest in London, to which my clients will attest.

What to expect after a warm-up spanking? But the spanking is over. That was the hand only. We may progress to some domestic implements (my favourites) like a paddle or a slipper or a plimsol. You will be warmed up, won’t you? That glow in your bottom is stimulating is it not?

But we’ve only just begun.

Cold Caning

This is reserved for the experienced and means no warm-up. Straight to a caning. Sometimes I will take you outside to my private garden. The pain increases in the chill air, even across your trousers and pants. But not you today. Your bottom is hot and we move on to the real corporal punishment. That is the cane.

Corporal Punishment Mistress
Fluffy Johnny Never Learns. I Love the Cane Weals

School Canes to Reformatory Dragon Canes

My chambers are home to many, many canes. Different lengths, straight and with crooked handles. Some have a memorable grip. They vary in thickness and rigidity. I will access which cane to use on your bare buttocks. I will also access if you need to be strapped down and perhaps gagged. Too much loud crying could also result in a cane put between your lips, don’t drop it! Others, depending on my feeling that day will have to hold a bar of soap for the duration of a sound flogging.

Corporal Punishment Straps & Extras

I have a range of belts, straps, tawses and at the top of the pain-fest is a Canadian Prison Strap. Harsh and so painful it will enter your soul you will learn to fear the power and its pain.

Let me see, I have so many implements. Floggers, plenty, Martinet check, Devil’s Tongue, certainly and many individual and custom-made implements, not to mention wood and leather paddles and the wooden spoon! Did I mention the dressage whip?

Corporal Punishment and Role Play Mistress

Role play and corporal punishment is also a speciality. Some clients take their punishments plain. They leave hot, marked and floating on the buzz of adrenaline. Others like to add some spice with a corporal punishment and role play mistress.

Who do you wish to punish you (and I hope severely)?

  • The Dominant Mistress (wearing revealing lingerie)

  • Manageress or Secretary (stockings and suspenders of course)

  • Auntie/Mother/Relative

  • Head Mistress or School Girl (prim dress and glasses or uniform and schoolgirl knickers)

  • Secretary or Boss (the twin set)

  • Nurse or doctor (scrubs or naughty nurse)

  • Military or Prison warden (uniformed)

Are there any others you can think of?

Corporal Punishment and Role Play Games

We have a scene together. It could be Mummy putting you across her knee because she’s caught you wearing her knickers. It could be the Boss calling you to account and to a caning. The school scene can take many forms perhaps a switch session? You punish me, a naughty schoolgirl, then the tables are turned and you get a beating.

There are many variations. If you don’t see any that appeal then message me with your ideas.

Role Play Mistress
A Delightful View, Would you Agree?

Throw in Some BDSM & Worship

I offer more than plain corporal punishment and role play. See my About page for the BDSM activities I also offer, including foot and leg worship. Do remember I am a German Mistress and therefore I believe in strictness as vital and precision in all I do.

Your pain is my excitement

Miss K Stinger

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